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typings is a sleek and modern typing test website. it supports many custom themes


type the theme code for example dracula in the text box then hit [ windows: alt + t ], [ mac: cmd + ctrl + t ], [ linux: super + ctrl + t or alt + t ]

available themes:

  • aurora

  • dark

  • light

  • 8008 inspired by GMK 8008 by Dixie Mech

  • 9009 inspired by GMK 9009 by Dixie Mech

  • burgundy inspired by GMK Burgundy by cocobrais

  • carbon inspired by SA Carbon by T0mb3ry

  • denim inspired by GMK Denim by T0mb3ry

  • dots inspired by GMK Dots by biip

  • dracula inspired by GMK Dracula by u/pikku-allu

  • eclipse inspired by GMK Eclipse by T0mb3ry

  • gruvbox adapted from Gruvbox

  • handarbeit inspired by Cherry Handarbeit

  • hyperfuse inspired by GMK HyperFuse origins by BunnyLake

  • mizu inspired by GMK Mizu by u/Rensuya

  • moderndolch inspired by GMK Modern Dolch by [Janglad](

  • monokai inspired by Monokai for TextMate by Wimer Hazenberg

  • mrsleeves inspired by GMK Mr. Sleeves by Taeha Types

  • nord inspired by Nord Theme

  • nautilus inspired by GMK Nautilus by Zambumon

  • oblivion inspired by SA Oblivion by u/Oblotzky

  • olivia inspired by GMK Olivia by Olivia

  • phantom inspired by GMK Phantom by u/briano1905

  • rama inspired by Rama Works

  • sakura inspired by Varmilo Sakura by fr3fou

  • serika inspired by GMK Serika by Zambumon

  • solarizeddark [bonus: solarizedlight] inspired by GMK Solarized Dark by u/thesiscamper

  • vilebloom inspired by SA Vilebloom by u/UKKeycaps

  • yuri inspired by GMK Yuri by T0mb3ry

  • honeywell inspired by GMK Honeywell by Living Speedbump

  • spacecadet inspired by SA Space Cadet by 7bit

  • 1976 inspired by SA 1976 by Engicoder

  • godspeed inspired by SA Godspeed by Mito

  • leviathan inspired by SA Leviathan by OneCreativeMind

  • kobayashi inspired by SA Kobayashi by Madēo


  • Hold shift while pressing Redo to Restart the typing test using the same word list.


  • Press esc to restart a typing test


type the language code for example german in the text box then hit [ windows: alt + l ], [ mac: cmd + ctrl + l ], [ linux: super + ctrl + l or alt + l ]

available languages:

  • english
  • english1000
  • italian
  • german
  • spanish
  • chinese
  • korean
  • polish
  • swedish
  • dots
  • punjabi
  • french
  • portuguese

typing mode

type the mode code for example time in the text box then hit [ windows: alt + m ], [ mac: cmd + ctrl + m ], [ linux: super + ctrl + m or alt + m ]

available modes:

  • wordcount
  • time


type true or false then hit [ windows: alt + p ], [ mac: cmd + ctrl + p], [ linux: super + ctrl + p or alt + p ] to activate/deactivate punctuations

theme menu

in this menu you can see all the available themes to choose from, along with a small preview. hit escape or click 'back' to exit


wpm: total number of characters (including spaces) of words you got right divided by five then divided by the time starting from first character typed

acc: total number of characters (including spaces) of words you got right divided by all character in the list of words


About is a sleek and modern typing test website. it support many custom themes







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