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Changes with jitify-core 0.9.3 01 Jul 2011
*) Fixes to the nginx configuration script to work on
systems that only allow traditional Bourne shell syntax
Changes with jitify-core 0.9.2 12 Apr 2011
*) Minor fixes for compatibility with nginx-1.0
Changes with jitify-core 0.9.1 08 Jul 2010
*) Feature: mod_jitify for nginx 0.8.x
*) Bugfix: regular expressions following ':' in JavaScript
were not parsed properly.
*) Change: refactored HTML lexical grammar to help support
link rewriting in the future.
Changes with jitify-core 0.9.0 12 Jun 2010
*) First public version
*) Feature: minification of CSS, HTML, and JS
*) Feature: jitify command-line tool
*) Feature: mod_jitify for Apache 2.2.x
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