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RiftSketch screenshot

RiftSketch is a web-based live coding environment for Virtual Reality.

It lets you code a "sketch" in JavaScript, using ThreeJS, while the world around you changes immediately as you code.

It's quite a niche application since you need to have a VR HMD, be a JavaScript programmer and be sufficiently familiar with Three.js but if you meet that criteria it's surprisingly fun and engaging!


  • Live-coding with real-time scene updates
  • Collaborative coding. Share your creations.
  • Convenient keyboard shortcuts
  • Leap motion support
  • Webcam pass-through


If you happen to have a VR headset and you want to try it out yourself, download a developer build of Firefox or Chrome that includes the WebVR APIs from MozVR or Chrome WebVR and visit

RiftSketch should also work on mobile phones, with Google Cardboard. Currently, Firefox Nightly for Android and Chrome Dev for Android work the best. Bug reports are welcome!


$ npm install
$ npm run start