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Callie the Calendar Corgi

Callie is a slackbot that counts down the days to a given event. The way she works is extremely simple, and I've tried to support a variety of countdown-related functions. Everything is pretty much outta the box. I was surprised that there wasn't already a good countdown bot, but whatever.

Callie was originally written as a custom integration to be used by my friends and I. I extended her functionality and made her publicly available because I thought it would be fun. It is fun! But she is far from perfect, so please open up issues as they arise, and feel very free to contribute.


  • Refactor message parsing to allow greater flexibility in commands
  • Figure out why Callie's initial welcome message doesn't always send (likely a channel permission issue)
  • Allow for time-based countdowns (i.e., set the event time as well as date)
  • ...
  • Profit

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