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Scripts to answer the Quora question, "Which startups founded since January 2010 are most likely to be worth $1+ billion?"
Python Shell
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What is this?

Code to answer this question on Quora:


  • python
  • mysql
  • pip


$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ # create a mysql database...
$ mysql < db.sql


First, populate the list of companies:

$ python mysql://user:pass@host/dbname fetch_company_list

Next, fetch data for each company. You'll probably hit the crunchbase API rate limit here, so best to run it in a loop:

$ ./looper mysql://user:pass@host/dbname

Then, parse the total_money_raised column (it comes in as a string):

$ python mysql://user:pass@host/dbname parse_total_money_raised

Finally, output the result:

$ python mysql://user:pass@host/dbname

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