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This is an example of how solutions can be wildly unstable from one period to the next.
This is based on model SIM (again...), with a rapidly changing tax rate.
# This next line imports all of the objects used.
# The syntax "from <module> import *" is frowned upon, but I want to reduce the number of lines of
# code in these simpler examples.
from sfc_models.objects import *
from sfc_models.examples.Quick2DPlot import Quick2DPlot
def main():
# The next line of code sets the name of the output files based on the code file's name.
# This means that if you paste this code into a new file, get a new log name.
register_standard_logs('output', __file__)
# Create model, which holds all entities
mod = Model()
mod.EquationSolver.TraceStep = 10
# Create first country - Canada. (This model only has one country.)
can = Country(mod, 'CA', 'Canada')
# Create sectors
gov = ConsolidatedGovernment(can, 'GOV', 'Government')
hh = Household(can, 'HH', 'Household')
# A literally non-profit business sector
bus = FixedMarginBusiness(can, 'BUS', 'Business Sector')
# Create the linkages between sectors - tax flow, markets - labour ('LAB'), goods ('GOOD')
tax = TaxFlow(can, 'TF', 'TaxFlow', .2)
labour = Market(can, 'LAB', 'Labour market')
goods = Market(can, 'GOOD', 'Goods market')
# Need to set the exogenous variable - Government demand for Goods ("G" in economist symbology)
mod.AddExogenous('GOV', 'DEM_GOOD', '[20.,] * 105')
mod.AddExogenous('TF', 'TaxRate', '[.15, .4, .05, .1, .02, .08, .4, .1, .02] + [.2]*100' )
mod.EquationSolver.ParameterSolveInitialSteadyState = True
# Build the model
CUT = 10
k = mod.GetTimeSeries('k', cutoff=CUT)
goods_produced = mod.GetTimeSeries('BUS__SUP_GOOD', cutoff=CUT)
Quick2DPlot(k, goods_produced, 'National Output With Erratic Taxes', filename='oscillate_wildly.png')
if __name__ == '__main__':
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