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Challenge 1 WriteUp

Detailed Writeup can be found here: https://brianritchie.me/crytopals-solution-set-1-challenge-1

I have taken a shortcut to the challenge by using the pre-existing libraries in GoLang to produce the output which are the following:

  • "encoding/hex"
  • "endoding/base64"

The program takes the provided hexadecimal string of the challenge and checks if it fulfils the requirements for a hexadecimal string and if it does, assigns it to hex_string . It then converts hex_string to its ASCII bytes form as preferred by the challenge and assings the result of the conversion to byte_string .

byte_string is then passed on to the base64 encoding library and the result is assigned to base64_encode .

The base of the challenge is considered solved.

Optimal To-Dos

  • Create the conversion manually without relying on the standard libraries
  • Write tests to confirm the validity of the aforementioned manual conversions
  • Publish an optimized and faster solution