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"You can use vectors in clojure to create an 'Array' like structure"
(= 1 (count [42]))
"You can create a vector in several ways"
(= () (vec nil))
"And populate it in either of these ways"
(= [1] (vec '(1)))
"There is another way as well"
(= [nil] (vector nil))
"But you can populate it with any number of elements at once"
(= [1 2] (vec '(1 2)))
"And add to it as well"
(= [333] (conj (vec nil) 333))
"You can get the first element of a vector like so"
(= :peanut (first [:peanut :butter :and :jelly]))
"And the last in a similar fashion"
(= :jelly (last [:peanut :butter :and :jelly]))
"Or any index if you wish"
(= :jelly (nth [:peanut :butter :and :jelly] 3))
"You can also slice a vector"
(= [:butter :and] (subvec [:peanut :butter :and :jelly] 1 3))
"Equality with collections is in terms of values"
(= (list 1 2 3) (vector 1 2 3)))