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(defn explain-defcon-level [exercise-term]
(case exercise-term
:fade-out :you-and-what-army
:double-take :call-me-when-its-important
:round-house :o-rly
:fast-pace :thats-pretty-bad
:cocked-pistol :sirens
"You will face many decisions"
(= :a (if (false? (= 4 5))
"Some of them leave you no alternative"
(= [] (if (> 4 3)
"And in such a situation you may have nothing"
(= nil (if (nil? 0)
[:a :b :c]))
"In others your alternative may be interesting"
(= :glory (if (not (empty? ()))
"You may have a multitude of possible paths"
(let [x 5]
(= :your-road (cond (= x 2) :road-not-taken
(= x 3) :another-road-not-taken
:else :your-road)))
"Or your fate may be sealed"
(= 'doom (if-not (zero? 0)
"In case of emergency, sound the alarms"
(= :sirens
(explain-defcon-level :cocked-pistol))
"But admit it when you don't know what to do"
(= :say-what?
(explain-defcon-level :yo-mama)))