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Unofficial Pocket favorites and unread widgets powered by Scriptable.


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Pocket Widgets (Unofficial) Mentioned in Awesome Scriptable

"Unread" and "Favorites" iOS widgets for Pocket.

Scriptable Pocket Widget Screenshot

Pocket is Mozilla's popular read-it-later service. Unfortunately, on iOS Pocket only offers a "Discover" widget showing you trending articles; there aren't widgets to show your own favorite (starred) or unread articles. These scripts, deployed through the Scriptable app, bring those missing widgets to your device.

Easy set-up:

  • 🧑‍💻 Install the Scriptable app by Simon Støvring.
  • 📁 Download the Pocket widget files to your Scriptable folder.
  • 😀 Add your Pocket credentials and choose between "Unread" and "Favorites." That's it!


You will need a consumer key and access token to query your user data with the Pocket API. To create those credentials:


The Pocket widget can be easily modified with these three lines of code in the pocket_widget.js file:

let attributes = {
	"consumerKey": "YOUR-CONSUMER-KEY",
	"accessToken": "YOUR-ACCESS-TOKEN",
	"favorite": 1  // Enter 0 for "Unread"; enter 1 for "Favorites"

Replace YOUR-CONSUMER-KEY and YOUR-ACCESS-TOKEN with the respective consumer key and access token for your account. To show your two most recent Pocket favorites in the widget, leave the "favorite" value as 1; changing the "favorite" value to 0 will show your two most recent unread saved articles. No modification of the pocket_widget/pocket_widget_code.js file is necessary.