A layout module for xmonad featuring window padding
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A layout module for xmonad featuring window padding


Since this is not yet included in Xmonad-Contrib, simply download Padding.hs and place it in your '~/.xmonad/lib/' folder (create it if it doesn't exist). Then it can be imported with

import Padding

The Padding module only exports a single function: padding, which takes two arguments: the first is the amount of padding for the top/bottom of windows, the second is for the sides (just as with css).


-- File: xmonad.hs
import XMonad

import Padding

main = xmonad $ defaultConfig
	{ -- Whatever your usual configs are
      layoutHook = myLayoutHook

-- Use whatever layouts you want
myLayoutHook = centered ||| tiled ||| Full
        -- Padding modifies a layout
        -- the centered layout is like Full, except with 175 pixels of
        -- space on the left and right sides.
        centered = padding 0 175 $ Full

        -- the tiled layout is like Tall, except each window will have 5
        -- pixels of space on top and 2 on the sides
        tiled = padding 5 2 $ Tall 1 (5/8) (5/100)


This module is based extremely heavily (as in - I barely changed anything at all) on Xmonad.Layout.Spacing, (c) Brent Yorgey, originally (and still) licensed under a BSD3 license.