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đź’€ Browser extensions that show a gnarly skull favicon image when Flash is present
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          _____          _             
 ---     / _/ /__ __  __(_)______  ___ 
(o o)   / _/ / _ `/ |/ / / __/ _ \/ _ \
 |||   /_//_/\_,_/|___/_/\__/\___/_//_/      


Flavicon is a tiny browser extension that warns of Flash object presence in the current page by setting the favicon image to a gnarly scary skull.

Seriously. That's all it does; so if you have some reason to not require a full-fledged Flash/script blocker and also otherwise cannot disable Flash, but you'd still like to quickly spot the source of a new annoying noise from one your 34 open browser tabs, then this might be the extension for you.

  • The Chrome version is tested and working, though probably needs more improvements.
  • The Firefox version does not yet work.
  • The Safari version is not yet under way.

This project is based on the ideas of some cool folks on Twitter (thanks for the inspiration @ohmybrain and @juphoff), was quickly dusted together, and it mostly works; pull requests welcome! :)

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