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🐶 HashiCorp CLI snippets for pet
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hashipets is a collection of CLI snippets for use with HashiCorp tools like Consul, Nomad, Packer, Terraform, Vagrant, and Vault.

The snippets are kept in a TOML formatted file that is compatible with the simple command-line snippet manager pet.

NOTE: The commands in hashipets.toml should reflect those available in recent versions of the tool they apply to.


It's a tool and workflow for recalling and sharing complex CLI one-liners and seldom used but otherwise useful command line invocations.


Using the fantastic CLI utility pet and the hashipets.toml in this repository, you'll be commanding HashiCorp tools like a pro in no time!

Quick Start for macOS

  1. Clone this repository within some $DIR
  2. Install pet: brew install knqyf263/pet/pet
  3. Configure: pet configure
  4. Point snippetfile to $DIR/hashipets/hashipets.toml, save, and exit
  5. 🎉

What's Next?

You can optionally customize the peco fuzzy finder tool like so:

$ mkdir $HOME/.config/peco && \
  cp $DIR/hashipets/peco_config.json $_/config.json

Then use pet in awesome ways:

List all snippets

$ pet list

Search snippets

$ pet search

Add search result to clipboard on macOS

$ pet search | pbcopy

Execute a snippet

$ pet exec

Interactively add a snippet

$ pet new
Command> curl -s <consul_http_addr>/v1/status/peers
Description> Get Consul server peers from HTTP API

See the pet documentation for more ways to use it!


Here are some links to resources for the technologies used in this project:


hashipets was created by Brian Shumate and made possible through the generous time of the good people named in

Special Thanks

Thanks to Teppei Fukuda for making pet!

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