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A robotic Twitter pirate

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Robo Pirate (@robo_pirate)

Robo Pirate is a Twitter bot that is a harmony of code being primarily written by Brent Woodruff and vocabulary plus bits of code written by Brian Shumate.

The aim of Robo Pirate is to tweet insult in the following ways:

  • All replies made to @robo_pirate will be met w/ a reply.
  • If @robo_pirate receives no @ replies, it picks a random tweep that @robo_pirate is following, and insults them.
  • Upon execution, insults all tweeps that follow, but who cannot be followed. (@robo_pirate don't need your protected tweet havin' ass!)
  • BONUS: If tweep is particularly harsh in their reply, and the reply contains a string resembling fuck you, @robo_pirate replies with "No, fuck YOU!" (for optional great justice).

Running Robo Pirate in a Virtualenv

  1. Get virtualenv
  2. Create a virtualenv
  3. Install a recent Python Twitter with OAuth support
  4. Configure and edit the script (see details below)
  5. Run the script
  6. Celebrate good times... C'MON!

Configure the script

Edit and change the following variable values:

  • consumer_key: Replace with your Twitter account's oAuth key
  • consumer_secret: Replace with your Twitter account's oAuth secret
  • access_token: Replace with your Twitter account's oAuth access token
  • access_token_secret: Replace with your Twitter account's oAuth access token secret
  • store_filename: (optional) Specify pickle storage file name.
  • username: The Twitter account username

See this resource for information on setting up oAuth with Python.

Please edit the different dictionaries which make up the bot's lexicon to create a unique personality for your bot, and don't just make a clone of robo_pirate itself.

Feel free follow the actual @insult_bird and @robo_pirate bots on Twitter or block them if they're harassing you too much already.

Thanks - share and enjoy! :)

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