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## Zampolit
## Copyright (c) 2011 Brian Sniffen

To run [`Zampolit`](http://hackage.haskell.org/package/zampolit) and
collect the data for these pretty graphs, you need a few things:

* The version control system `git`, with its svn extensions.  
* Gnuplot.
* Haskell.

Athena and all modern operating systems have the first two, either
installed by default or in a locker or easily installed package.
But Haskell's more of a pain.  You can [download
it](http://hackage.haskell.org/platform/), then run:

    cabal update
    cabal install zampolit
    git svn clone PATH/TO/YOUR/GAME # replace this
    cd YOUR/GAME

It will churn for a while through the entire history of your game,
then deposit `GAME-wc.data` and `GAME-wc.gnuplot`.  If you have Gnuplot
installed, it will even run gnuplot for you to produce `GAME-wc.pdf`.

Some games have authors who write under several names.  For example, I
committed to "Fistful of Promises" under the username `brians` and the
name `bts`.  So in that game's top level directory, I create a file
`.namefold`, in which I put the single line:


Then everything committed by `bts` is rewritten to be from `brians`.
For Harry Potter: Year 7, Paul committed under two names.  For him we

    "Paul Weaver","pweaver"

The sample file `dot.namefold` is an example of how to do this.