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An intuitive and concise library for inserting Eligible data into your iOS project.

The following block will pull eligible data, and asnychronously execute your code when it's finished:

[BSEligibleKit getDataFor:@"service/all" withParams:formData success:^(NSDictionary *data) {
  //Do things!
  label.text = [data objectForKey:@"coverage_status"];
failure:^(NSError *error) {
  label.text = [error localizedDescription];

Getting Started

If you haven't already: sign up for an account at

Clone the project into your app directory: (use --recursive to include dependencies)

git clone --recursive

Then drag the BSEligibleKit folder into your XCode project.

in your AppDelegate.m file add:

#import "BSEligibleKit.h"

Get your API_KEY, and have it ready for the next step:

Add the following into your didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method like so:

- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions
    [BSEligibleKit getEligible:YOUR_ELIGIBLE_API_KEY_HERE];
    return YES;

Put your query data into a dictionary:

NSMutableDictionary *formData = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc] init];
[formData setObject:self.payerName.text forKey:@"payer_name"];
[formData setObject:self.payerId.text forKey:@"payer_id"];
[formData setObject:self.serviceProviderFirstName.text forKey:@"service_provider_first_name"];
[formData setObject:self.serviceProviderLastName.text forKey:@"service_provider_last_name"];
[formData setObject:self.serviceProviderNPI.text forKey:@"service_provider_npi"];
[formData setObject:self.subscriberID.text forKey:@"subscriber_id"];
[formData setObject:self.subscriberFirstName.text forKey:@"subscriber_first_name"];
[formData setObject:self.subscriberLastName.text forKey:@"subscriber_last_name"];
[formData setObject:self.subscriberDOB.text forKey:@"subscriber_dob"];
[formData setObject:@"42" forKey:@"service_type_code"];

Now find your query (like service/all in the Eligible Docs and insert it after getDataFor: in the following code:

[BSEligibleKit getDataFor:@"service/all" withParams:formData success:^(NSDictionary *data) {
  if (![data objectForKey:@"error"]) {
      //Your data is available here
      self.label.text = [recentCheck objectForKey:@"coverage_status"];
      //You did it, you're now getting eligiblity data on iOS!
	else {
      //Tell the user to check their data
  	  self.notificationLabel.text = [[data objectForKey:@"error"] objectForKey:@"follow-up_action_description"];		
failure:^(NSError *error) {
  self.label.text = [error localizedDescription];

Congratulations! you are now receiving eligiblity data on iOS.

Your eligibility data is rendered into an NSDictionary that you can use in your app:

self.label.text = [recentCheck objectForKey:@"coverage_status"];

There's even a convenience singleton array that you can use to access your recent queries:

NSDictionary *recentCheck = [[BSEligibleKit sharedInstance].previousQueries objectAtIndex:0];


An intuitive and concise library for inserting Eligible data into your iOS project.




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