This function will extend a search engine's ability to search your domain by taking the terms the user entered and highlighting them within your own domain. This is achieved on the server-side without the users knowledge. The function takes the referrer from the search engine and parses out the query string, searches through your post-processed …
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#Search Engine Highlight Readme

brian suda

There are usage instruction in the PHP file about how to setup the function. More information about the PHP functions can be found at, you can also download php and other modules from there. This will require some libraries that are not always installed by default, my hosting provides has these functions available, your's may not. Specifically, look out for % (mod), i am using '%' you may need to convert this to bcmod(). Also, I use mb_strlen() for UTF-8 strings. This could be substitued for iconv_strlen() in PHP5.

I have had this running on a version of PHP5 and PHP4.3

##UPDATES This file maybe updated with faster more efficient regular expressions or other functions to improve the highlighting or to fix bugs or add additional search engine query strings, if so the official webpage for the SEHL file is:

##COPYRIGHT This is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. For more information please visit: