ITM569 Windows Phone API Project
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#ITM569 Windows Phone API Project

Vesion: 1.0

The intention of this project is to build a Windows Phone 7 application that uses a public API to consume and display data. This application uses the City of Chicago's data API which is provided by Socrata and uses their soda format.

I used the data resource from the City of Chicago that lists crimes reported in the last calendar year, excluding murder. The City data is located at the following link.

Chicago One Year Crime Database

The application allows you to search the database based on your current GPS coordinates. It gives you the options to limit the date range and distance from the location. You also have the option to input an address to search based on that address. Once you get the list or crimes that fit your search parameters, you can select one and it will show you all the details in that report.


  • Search for local Chicago Crime Reports based on location
  • Choose distance radius to search within
  • Choose from various amounts of time to search
  • Geolocate an address and search from that address as your location
  • The full details of the record in the database can be viewed

##Windows Phone Support

The application is targeted to the Windows Phone 7.8 sdk. The application was only tested in the emulator and not on an actual device.

####GPS Testing:####

In the Windows Phone emulator you can enter GPS coordinates to send to the device. I found this to be very reliable and worked as expected. The option can be found in the pop up menu items to the right of the emulator. Select the arrows and in the window that pops up go to the location tab. A map will appear and let you click to select a coordinate. The last coordinate pin you set down will be the one used.

The application limits the search to GPS coordinates in the City of Chicago. If you are going to input your own coordinates please choose ones that are located in the city.

If you would like to use the fixed coordinates I used during most of my testing they are provided here. These are the coordinates of the IIT Tower.

  • Latitude: 41.83128
  • Longitude: -87.62697

##Version History

1.0 -- May 9, 2013 -- Version turned in to Professor


Chicago One Year Crime Database

Socrata Soda API