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Jekyll plugin to display information about attached files through an "attachment" Liquid tag. File icons are created though the OS X AppKit framework. As such, this Jekyll plugin requires Mac OS X.


  1. Install the [RubyInline] and [filesize] gems.
  2. Drop attachment.rb into your Jekyll site's _plugins folder.
  3. Drop attachment.css into your Jekyll site's css folder and add this line to your _includes/head.html file:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ "/css/attachment.css" | prepend: site.baseurl }}">


Jekyll will display information about attached files that are specified in an "attachment" Liquid tag like this:

{% attachment /files/brianwells.gpgkey  name: GPG Public Key  modified_date: 2008-08-16 %}Use to encrypt messages to me and verify messages from me via [GnuPG]( Signature: **D568 D159 B366 0F2F D3F2 74A5 B9D3 E316 6D4A A765**{% endattachment %}

The first parameter passed to the "attachment" tag is the file path (relative to your Jekyll directory). A number of optional parameters may be passed as parameter: some value. Note a space is required after the parameter name and colon but spaces are allowed within the value.

  • name — The name to display for the file. Defaults to the actual file name.
  • modified_date — The date to display. Defaults to the file's modified date.
  • size — The size, in bytes, to display. Defaults to the file's actual size.
  • icon_size — The size, in pixels, for the icon image. Defaults to 64 pixels.
  • icon_format — The format of the icon image. Defaults to the 'png' format.
  • image_path - Image to use for the icon. Overrides file_type and the type determined from the file's extension.
  • file_type - Override the file type determined from the file's extension.
  • whiny - Debug information displays if set to true.

Valid icon formats include gif, jpg, jp2, png, and tif. The file description goes in between the attachment/endattachment tags and is converted along with the rest of the page.

You can see an example of this Jekyll plugin in use on the Files page of my blog.


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