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This is a Dilbert comic Slackbot which will respond with Dilbert commits in a slack channel. This is used as an example on how to spin up a public API using AWS API Gateway and Lambda with the Serverless framework.

Once set up , the commands you can invoke are:

/dilbert -> today's comic
/dilbert yesterday -> yesterday's comic
/dilbert random -> random comic
/dilbert five days ago -> comic from five days ago
/dilbert 5 days ago -> comic from five days ago
/dilbert 12-01-2016 -> comic from Dec. 1, 2016
/dilbert 2016-12-01 -> comic from Dec. 1, 2016

Instructions for building

There is an include Makefile and Dockerfile which will build a docker image containing everything needed to deploy the API endpoint using Serverless.

Setup .env

Create a .env file in the root directory which includes the following:


Build Docker image (optional)

$ make
$ make shell

You'll now be inside of the docker container which has all of the needed libraries, notably serverless.

If you'd like to use serverless on your local system and skip the Docker step simply follow the Serverless docs for installation. This repo assumes Serverless v1.3.


From within the Docker container (or on your local system):

root@6c5216631e2f:/code# cd dilbert
root@6c5216631e2f:/code/dilbert# sls deploy

The output from this will be an API Gateway URL which you can use to setup your custom Slash command in Slack.

In addition to the API Gateway endpoint serverless will create:

  • lambda function to process the request ->
  • DynamoDB table to cache the Dilbert image urls -> see serverless.yml


Dilbert comic Slackbot




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