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import json
import random
import re
import urllib
import boto3
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
_days_ago_re = re.compile('(?P<days>\w+) days ago')
_int_days_ago_re = re.compile('(?P<days>\d{1,2}) days ago')
_last_int_days = re.compile('last (?P<days>[12345])')
_comic_url_re = re.compile('\s+src="(?P<url>[a-f0-9]+)"(\s\/)?>')
AWS_REGION = 'us-west-2'
TABLE_NAME = 'devDilbert'
# global dynamodb table
_table = None
def text_to_int(textnum):
units = [
'zero', 'one', 'two', 'three', 'four', 'five', 'six', 'seven', 'eight',
'nine', 'ten', 'eleven', 'twelve', 'thirteen', 'fourteen', 'fifteen',
'sixteen', 'seventeen', 'eighteen', 'nineteen',
tens = ['', '', 'twenty', 'thirty']
numwords = {'and': (1, 0)}
for idx, word in enumerate(units):
numwords[word] = (1, idx)
for idx, word in enumerate(tens):
numwords[word] = (1, idx * 10)
current = result = 0
for word in textnum.split():
if word not in numwords:
scale, increment = numwords[word]
current = current * scale + increment
if scale > 100:
result += current
current = 0
return result + current
def get_comic_url(dt):
return '' % (dt.strftime(DEFAULT_DATE_FMT), )
def _get_dt_from_days_ago(message):
"""Use a couple of regexes to get number of days from a textual message
Returns a datetime for `days_ago` or `now` if no days ago message can be found.
if not message:
days_ago =
if days_ago:
days ='days')
days_ago =
if days_ago:
days ='days')
days = text_to_int(days)
if not days_ago:
return _get_dt_from_days(days)
def _get_dt_from_days(days):
now =
days = int(days)
return now - timedelta(days=days)
except ValueError:
def _get_dt_from_date(message):
"""Returns a datetime object if the message matches any supported format.
Returns None if no date can be parsed.
if not message:
formats = (
'%b %-d',
'%b, %-d',
for f in formats:
return datetime.strptime(message, f)
except ValueError:
def get_datetime_from_message(message):
"""Returns a datetime object from a textual message for any of our supported formats."""
now =
if message == 'yesterday':
return now - timedelta(days=1)
dt = _get_dt_from_days_ago(message)
if dt:
return dt
dt = _get_dt_from_date(message)
if dt:
return dt
def get_random_datetime():
days = random.randint(1, 366)
return - timedelta(days=days)
def _init_db():
global _table
if not _table:
_db = boto3.resource('dynamodb', region_name=AWS_REGION)
_table = _db.Table(TABLE_NAME)
def get_image_url_from_db(dt):
post_day = dt.strftime(DEFAULT_DATE_FMT)
data = _table.get_item(Key={'postDay': post_day})
record = data.get('Item', {})
print 'Returned from dynamo', record
return record.get('url')
def save_image_url_to_db(image_url, dt):
print 'Saving to dynamo'
post_day = dt.strftime(DEFAULT_DATE_FMT)
item = {
'postDay': post_day,
'url': image_url,
def get_image_url(url, dt):
image_url = get_image_url_from_db(dt)
if image_url:
return image_url
print 'fetching url', url
u = urllib.urlopen(url)
html =
found =
if found:
image_url ='url')
save_image_url_to_db(image_url, dt)
return image_url
def get_slack_json(url, dt):
return {
'response_type': 'in_channel',
'text': 'Dilbert for %s:' % (dt.strftime('%Y-%m-%d'), ),
'attachments': [
'title': 'Dilbert',
'title_link': url,
'text': url,
'image_url': get_image_url(url, dt),
def get_multiple(n):
# sanity check..b/c people are evil. Also, the regex to match the command/post should catch
# this but leave it in as a safety check
if n > MAX_COMICS:
if n < 1:
n = 1
# get the last n days, inclusive of today
dts = [_get_dt_from_days(d) for d in xrange(n + 1)]
urls = [(dt, get_comic_url(dt)) for dt in dts]
attachments = [{
'text': 'Dilbert for %s:' % (dt.strftime('%Y-%m-%d'), ),
'title_link': url,
'text': url,
'image_url': get_image_url(url, dt),
} for (dt, url) in urls]
return {
'response_type': 'in_channel',
'text': 'Dilberts for last %d days:' % (n, ),
'attachments': attachments,
def dilbert(event, context):
"""Build the URL for a Dilbert comic with the following language/spec:
/dilbert -> Reply with today's comic
/dilbert random -> Reply with a random comic from the past year
/dilbert yesterday -> Reply with yesterday's comic
/dilbert $N days ago -> Reply with a comic from $N days ago where $N can be an
integer or written number (ie, "2" or "two")
/dilbert $DATE -> Reply with a comic from a specific date with multiple formats
/dilbert last [1-5] -> Reply with the last n comics, inclusive of today
print event
query_params = event.get('queryStringParameters') or {}
# uncomment this line to add authentication so that only your slash command can call this
# endpoint
# assert query_params['token'] == 'your-slash-command-token'
date = query_params.get('text', '').strip().lower()
# see if we're looking up multiple days
get_last_n_days =
if get_last_n_days:
n = int('days'))
slash_json = get_multiple(n)
dt = get_random_datetime() \
if date == 'random' \
else get_datetime_from_message(date)
url = get_comic_url(dt)
slash_json = get_slack_json(url, dt)
response = {
'statusCode': 200,
'body': json.dumps(slash_json)
return response
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