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" Load pathogen to manage plugins
filetype off
call pathogen#runtime_append_all_bundles()
call pathogen#helptags()
filetype plugin indent on
:iab <expr> dts strftime("%c")
" Change the Leader Key To Something Easier
let mapleader=","
let g:EasyMotion_leader_key = ';'
" Folding
" zf: fold selection
" zo: open fold
" zc: close fold
" za: toggle folding
" zm: fold one level
" zM: fold everything
" zr: unfold one level
" zR: unfold everything
" Plugin: vim-slime
let g:slime_target = "tmux"
let g:slime_paste_file = "$HOME/.slime_paste"
" let g:slime_default_config = {"socket_name": "default", "target_pane": "1"}
let g:slime_no_mappings = 1
xmap <leader>z <Plug>SlimeRegionSend
nmap <leader>z <Plug>SlimeMotionSend
nmap <leader>zz <Plug>SlimeLineSend
nmap <leader>g :SlimeSend1 run -i <c-r>=expand('%:t')<CR><CR>
" Plugin: Align
" Select in visual mode (shift )
" Then type :Align = (where = is the seperator of choice)
" Plugin: SnipMate
" ----------------
" Edit .vim/snippets/filetype.snippet
" Then inside vim, enter keyword then tab
" To do normal auto completion, do ctrl-n
" Plugin: YankRing
" ----------------
" After a paste, press ctrl-p to cycle through last pastes
"let g:yankring_history_dir = '~/.vim/temp'
"let g:yankring_clipboard_monitor = 1
"let g:yankring_zap_keys = 'f F t T / ?'
" Also allows pasting between windows
" Quick yanking to the end of the line
"nnoremap Y y$
" Yank/paste to the OS clipboard with ,y and ,p
nnoremap Y "+y
nnoremap P "+p
"nnoremap <leader>P "+P
" YankRing stuff
"nnoremap <leader>r :YRShow<CR>
" Search for things with slashes
" multi line search selection literal (vi6.2 ok) :help c_<C-R>
vmap * y/\V<C-R><C-R>=substitute(escape(@",'\/'),'\n','\
" ||| | | | | | | +flag
" g=all
" ||| | | | | | +regex=<cr>
" ||| | | | | +<cr>
" ||| | | | +escape /
" ||| | | +contents of register
" ||| | +expression register
" ||| +insert contents of expression register = LITERALLY
" ||+"very nomagic", only \ is magic
" |+search
" +yank selected text into register "
" Plugin: MRU
" -----------
" ,f shows MRU
let MRU_Max_Entries = 400
nmap <leader>f :MRU<CR>
" Plugin: Fugitive
" ----------------
" Git:
" :Git _____ lets you run anything
" But try not to use
" eg. :Git log shows the log
" Aliases, completion is also handled correctly
" Status:
" :Gstatus
" git status
nmap <leader>gs :Gstatus<cr>
" Press "Enter" to open the file in the window below
" Then run Gdiff
" Then use "-" to stage it/remove it
" Press "p" to add parts of a file
" Press "shift-c" to commit
" Old Versions:
" :Glog
" run ,gl, then use these [q and ]q to move through
" then ,ge to return to the top
nmap <leader>gl :Glog<cr>
nmap [q :cprev<cr>
nmap ]q :cnext<cr>
nmap [Q :cfirst<cr>
nmap ]Q :clast<cr>
nmap <leader>ge :Gedit<cr>
" Other Branches:
" Edit files in any branch:
" :Gedit branchname:filename
" eg. :Gedit master:.vimrc
" :Gvsplit
" Search:
" :Ggrep findme
" :Ggrep findme branchnam
" Find something taken out during acommit
" :Glog -S findme --
" Explore:
" :Gedit HEAD^ (replace HEAD with a specific SHA if desired)
" Press enter on the tree line to see all files in that commit
" Press enter on the parent line to go to the parent commit
" To go back to the top,
" :Gedit if get stuck
nmap <leader>gx :Gedit HEAD^<cr>
" To go back, use ,gu if inside file tree, Shift-C to go to commit version
nmap <leader>gu :edit %:h<CR>
" Commit:
" :Gcommit
" git commit
" Put commit message at the top of the new window
nmap <leader>gc :Gcommit<cr>
" Add:
" :Gwrite
" git add currentfile
nmap <leader>ga :Gwrite<cr>
" Remove:
" :Gremove
" git remove currentfile
nmap <leader>grm :Gremove<cr>
" Move:
" :Gmove targetpath (relative to current file location)
" git mv originalpath destinationpath
" / is the root of the repo, not the filesystem
nmap <leader>gm :Gmove<cr>
" Revert:
" :Gread
" git checkout currentfile
nmap <leader>gre :Gread<cr>
" Blame:
" :Gblame
" git blame
nmap <leader>gb :Gblame<cr>
" Log:
" :Glob
" git log
nmap <leader>gl :Glog<cr>
" Diff:
" :Gdiff
" git diff
" Current (working) on the right, what will be committed (stage) on the left
" :diffget on oneside will move to the other
" :do (diffobtain)
" :diffupdate to update colors
" If do on a merge conflict file,
" left: target (probably master)
" middle: working copy (if we just opened it in an editor)
" right: merge branch (what we tried to merge in)
nmap <leader>gd :Gdiff<cr>
autocmd BufReadPost fugitive://* set bufhidden=delete
" Plugin: NerdCommenter
" ---------------------
" ,c<space> toggles
" ,cs better comment
" ,cc comments selected
" ,cu uncomments selected
" Plugin: Cream-capatilize
" ------------------------
nmap <leader>C 0v$<f5><esc>
" Plugin: Scratch
" ---------------
" ,<tab> will open a scratch window
nmap <leader><tab> :Sscratch<cr>
" Plugin: Command-t
" -----------------
" ,t starts command t
let g:CommandTMaxHeight = 15
set wildignore+=*.o,*.obj,.git,*.pyc
" Plugin: Slime
" -------------
" screen -S sessionname in another window
" Ctrl-c-c to send to this (need to enter sessionname)
" By default sends the current paragraph, can use visual mode
" to send something else
" Ctrl-c v reprompts to reattach to a new session
" Plugin: LargeFile
" -----------------
" Makes reading large files easier
" Plugin: ACK
" -----------
" To do an ACK search
" ,a to do an ack search
" :Ack pattern
" To learn more
" :h Ack
" Be careful if not in the right directory
" ..need to use ,cd
" Use Ctrl-P to paste path of current directory
" t opens in a new tab
" T opens in a background tab
" o opoens
" q closes
" go previews
noremap <leader>a :Ack
" ,cd will switch to the directory of the open buffer
nmap <leader>cd :cd %:p:h<cr>
" Plugin: Nerdtree
" ----------------
" ,t opens it
" t opens in a new tab
" o opens file
" s opens in new vertical
" p to go to parent
" r to refresh
let NERDTreeShowBookmarks=1
let NERDTreeShowHidden=1
let NERDTreeBookmarksFile="~/.vim/NERDTreeBookmarks"
nmap <Leader>d :NERDTreeToggle<CR>
" Leader shortcuts
" ----------------
" ctrl-n does autocompletion
" Open this file more easily
" ,ev to edit .vimrc
nnoremap <leader>ev <C-w><C-v><C-l>:e $MYVIMRC<cr>
" When vimrc is edited, reload it
autocmd! bufwritepost vimrc source ~/.vim_runtime/vimrc
" Vertical split then hop to new buffer
" ,v to create a new vertical split
noremap <Leader>v :vsplit<CR>
" Horizontal split
" ,h to create a new horizontal split
noremap <Leader>h :split<CR>
" ,, moves between buffers
nmap <Leader>, <C-W>W
" Make forward and back easier
" Shift-j to move a page down
" Shift-k to move a page up
nmap <S-j> <C-F>
nmap <S-k> <C-B>
" Move cursor within screen
" H moves to top
" M moves to middle
" B moves to bottom
" fx moves to next occurance of x
" tx moves to right before next occurance of x
" Fx moves to last occurance of x
" ,yf to copy filename to gnome clipboard
nmap ,yf :let @*=expand("%")<CR>
" ,yp to copy filename+path to gnome clipboard
nmap ,yp :let @+=expand("%:p")<CR>
" ,9 creates an underline for a comment
nnoremap <leader>9 yypllv$r-
" ,1 makes a markdown header1
nnoremap <leader>1 yypv$r=
" ,2 makes a markdown header2
nnoremap <leader>2 yypv$r-
" ,i makes an indent
nnoremap <leader>i i*<space>
" ,e opens an edit command with the path of the currently edited file filled in
nmap <Leader>e :e <C-R>=expand("%:p:h") . "/" <CR>
" ,t opens a tab edit command with the path of the currently edited file filled in
nmap <Leader>te :tabe <C-R>=expand("%:p:h") . "/" <CR>
" ,s opens the snippet directory
nnoremap <leader>s <C-w><C-v><C-w><C-w><C-l>:e ~/dotfiles/.vim/bundle/snipMate/snippets/<cr>
" ctrl-p inserts the path of the currently edited file into a command
cmap <C-P> <C-R>=expand("%:p:h") . "/" <CR>
" Use tab to look between bracket pairs
nnoremap <tab> %
vnoremap <tab> %
" Tab configuration
" ,tn makes a new tab
nmap <leader>tn :tabnew<cr>
" ,te edits a file in a new tab
nmap <leader>te :tabedit
" 0 moves to beginning of line after tabs, not absolute beginning
nmap 0 ^
" just type xdate
iab xdate <c-r>=strftime("%d/%m/%y %H:%M:%S")<cr>
" ]p will paste with the same level of indent as the line above
" m <letter> will mark a section
" ` <letter> (backtick will return)
" `. goes to last edited line
" ,/ to clear highlights
nnoremap <leader>/ :noh<cr>
" Tab hotkeys
" ctrl-h to move to the left
" ctrl-l to move to the right
nmap <C-h> :tabprev<CR>
nmap <C-l> :tabnext<CR>
" Move between split panes
nmap <S-h> <C-W>h
nmap <S-l> <C-W>l
nmap <leader>j <C-W>j
nmap <leader>k <C-W>k
" Hide comments in
nmap <leader>c :setlocal foldmethod=syntax<CR>
" ,w writes
" nnoremap <Leader>w :w<CR>
" ,q quits
nnoremap <Leader>q :q<CR>
" ,x writes and quits
nnoremap <Leader>x :wq!<CR>
" ,p toggles paste mode to turn off weird wrapping/commenting
"set pastetoggle=<leader>p
nmap <leader>p :set invpaste paste?<CR>
" Run make with ,m
nmap <leader>m :!make<CR><CR>
" ,W clears whitespacewn
noremap <leader>W :%s/\s\+$//<cr>:let @/=''<CR>
" In command mode, enter inserts a newline,
" Shift-enter inserts above
nmap <S-Enter> O<ESC>
nmap <Enter> o<ESC>
" ,v reselects just pasted text
nnoremap <leader>r V`]
" Remove the Windows ^M - when the encodings gets messed up
noremap <Leader>M mmHmt:%s/<C-V><cr>//ge<cr>'tzt'm
" Vim settings
" ------------
" Turn off vi compatability
set nocompatible
" Turn on syntax highlighting
syntax on
" Turn regex to perl/python style
" Known as 'very magic' and it means
" that only digits and numbers are literals
" and everything else has a special meaning
"nnoremap / /\v
"vnoremap / /\v
cnoremap %s/ %s/\v
" Turn on auto indentation
set autoindent
" Encodeing
set encoding=utf-8
" Show number of lines of selection
set showcmd
" Always show 3 lines when at the bottom of a file
set scrolloff=3
" Automatically reload a file when changed from the outside
set autoread
" Highlight the background of the entire line where the cursor is
set cursorline
" Should be on automatically, but just in case
set ttyfast
" Show the current line position
set ruler
" Allow backspace over anything
set backspace=indent,eol,start
" Always show a status line
set laststatus=2
" Ignore case while searching
set smartcase
" Show matching bracket when over one of them
set showmatch
" Show trailing whitespace
set listchars=tab:\\ ,trail:·
" Shortcut to rapidly toggle `set list`
" ,l shows invisible characters
nmap <leader>l :set list!<CR>
" Toggle spell checking
nmap <Leader>zs :set spell!<CR>
" Turn off backup (trust me to do it correctly)
set nobackup
set nowb
set noswapfile
" Set up persistent undo
" Only works in 7.3
set undodir=~/.vim/undodir
set undofile
" Start scrolling three lines before horizontal border of window.
set scrolloff=3
" When buffer brought foreground, remember undo
set hidden
" Searching
" Highlight dynamically as pattern is typed
set incsearch
" Enable search highlighting
set hlsearch
" Don't need /g for replaces
set gdefault
" Show filename in window title
set title
" Make split windows the same width always
set equalalways
" Turn off beeping
set visualbell
" Better command line comletion
set wildmenu
set wildmode=list:longest
" Keep command line history
set history=1000
" Setup copy/paste
" Mirror vim clipboard (eg. yank), with system clipboard
" set clipboard=unnamedplus
"source $VIMRUNTIME/mswin.vim
set clipboard=autoselect,exclude:.*
"behave mswin
" Allow for mouse movement in vim
if has('mouse')
set mouse=a
" Long lines
"set wrap
"set wm=2
"set textwidth=79
"set formatoptions=qrn1
set formatoptions=tcq
" Selecting then "gq" will wrap selection
" A tab is 2 spaces
set tabstop=2
set shiftwidth=2
set expandtab
" type :retab to expand all of these
" type ctrl-v tab to get a real tab (,l to show it)
" Colors
" If using an 8 bit terminal colors will not work, need to
" reset the color scheme
"let t_Co=256
"let t_Co=16
"let g:solarized_termcolors=256
"colorscheme molokai
colorscheme solarized
"set background=light
if has('statusline')
set laststatus=2
" Broken down into easily includeable segments
set statusline=%<%f\ " Filename
set statusline+=%w%h%m%r " Options
set statusline+=%{fugitive#statusline()} " Git Hotness
"set statusline+=\ [%{&ff}/%Y] " filetype
set statusline+=\ [%{getcwd()}] " current dir
"set statusline+=\ [A=\%03.3b/H=\%02.2B] " ASCII / Hexadecimal value of char
set statusline+=%=%-14.(%l,%c%V%)\ %p%% " Right aligned file nav info
" font
" set guifont=ProggyCleanTT\ 12
"set guifont=Bitstream\ Vera\ Sans\ Mono\ 10
" Nice scrolling if line wrap
noremap j gj
noremap k gk
map \ss :ScreenShell bash<CR>
map \s :ScreenSend<CR>
"let g:ScreenShellGnuScreenVerticalSupport = 'native'
"let g:ScreenImpl = 'Tmux'
" Search for things with slashes
command! -nargs=1 Ss let @/ = <q-args>
" v to select, then y, then Ctrl-R 0 to paste
autocmd BufWinEnter * if line2byte(line("$") + 1) > 1000000 | syntax clear | endif
au BufRead,BufNewFile * setfiletype hspice