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Clone the repo:

git clone

Make symlinks to actually install

ln -s dotfiles/.vim .vim
ln -s dotfiles/.bashrc .bashrc
ln -s dotfiles/.bash_profile .bash_profile
ln -s dotfiles/.vimrc .vimrc
ln -s dotfiles/.gitconfig .gitconfig
ln -s dotfiles/.ackrc .ackrc


  • Plugin: SnipMate

    • Edit .vim/snippets/filetype.snippet
    • Then inside vim, enter keyword then tab
    • To do normal auto completion, do ctrl-n
  • Plugin: YankRing

    • After a paste, press ctrl-p to cycle through last paste entries
    • Also allows pasting between windows
  • Plugin: MRU

    • ,f shows MRU
  • Plugin: Fugitive

    • ,gs stages
      • Then use "-" to stage it
    • ,gc commits
    • ,ga writes
    • ,gl logs
    • ,gd diffs
  • Plugin: NerdCommenter

    • ,c<space> toggles
    • ,cs better comment
    • ,cc comments selected
    • ,cu uncomments selected
  • Plugin: Scratch

    • ,<tab> will open a scratch window
  • Plugin: Command-t

    • ,t starts command t
  • Plugin: Slime

    • screen -S sessionname in another window
    • Ctrl-c-c to send to this (need to enter sessionname)
    • By default sends the current paragraph, can use visual mode
    • to send something else
    • Ctrl-c v reprompts to reattach to a new session
  • Plugin: LargeFile

  • Plugin: ACK

    • Need to install ack
    • ,a to do an ack search
      • t opens in a new tab
      • T opens in a background tab
      • o opoens
      • q closes
      • go previews
    • To learn more
    • :h Ack
    • Be careful if not in the right directory
      • If not, use ,cd to change
    • Use Ctrl-P to paste path of current directory
  • Plugin: Nerdtree

    • ,t opens nerdtree
      • t opens in a new tab
      • o opens file
      • s opens in new vertical
      • p to go to parent
      • r to refresh
  • Leader shortcuts

    • ctrl-n does autocompletion

    • ,ev to edit .vimrc

    • ,vto create a new vertical split

    • ,h to create a new horizontal split

    • ,, moves between buffers

    • Shift-j to move a page down

    • Shift-k to move a page up

    • ,yf to copy filename to gnome clipboard

    • ,yp to copy filename+path to gnome clipboard

    • ,1 creates an underline for a comment

    • ,e opens an edit command with the path of the currently edited file filled in

    • ,t opens a tab edit command with the path of the currently edited file filled in

    • ctrl-p inserts the path of the currently edited file into a command

    • Use tab to look between bracket pairs

    • ,tn makes a new tab

    • ,te edits a file in a new tab

    • 0 moves to beginning of line after tabs, not absolute beginning

    • just type xdate to enter the date

    • ]p will paste with the same level of indent as the line above

    • m will mark a section

    • ` (backtick will return)

    • `. goes to last edited line

    • ,, changes from insert to command mode (esc)

    • ,/ to clear highlights

    • ctrl-h to move to the left tab

    • ctrl-l to move to the right tab

    • ,w writes

    • ,q quits

    • ,x writes and quits

    • ,p toggles paste mode to turn off weird wrapping/commenting

    • ,W clears whitespacewn

    • In command mode, enter inserts a newline,

    • Shift-enter inserts above

    • ,v reselects just pasted text

    " ,m Remove the Windows ^M - when the encodings gets messed up


To enable git completion, need to install bash with bash-completion enabled. Then, download and move git- to /opt/local/etc/bash_completion.d/git-completion Also, need to link to bash-completion inside .bash_profile (change path from what is already there)

Example: $ git