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Contribution Guidelines

The primary aim of the Awesome Network Analysis list is to spread awesome network analysis resources.

Please contribute to it by sending pull requests or by fixing its issues.

Copyright Waiver

If you contribute to this list, please add your name to the copyright waiver at the end of the list, with an optional link to your personal homepage, GitHub profile, or social media profile (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, whatever).

Inclusion Criteria

The Awesome Manifesto states:

Only awesome is awesome

Research if the stuff you're including is actually awesome. Put only stuff on the list you or another contributor can personally recommend and rather leave stuff out than include too much.


Comment on why something is awesome

Apart from suggesting a particular item on your list, you should also inform your readers why it's on the list and how they will benefit from it.

See the list of rejected content for counter-examples of non-awesome or off-topic stuff not to submit.

Publishing History

Style Guide

  • All resources are listed alphabetically.
  • All titles are Title Cased, Chicago-style.
  • Authors are required only for blog series, selected papers, books and courses.
  • Books should link to their official publisher's page, not a vendor's page.
  • Dates are mentioned for books and tutorials.
  • Default spelling is U.S. English.
  • Do not use
    • copyright or trademark symbols.
    • quotes around titles.
    • monospace text for software names.
  • Italics are used only for books and journal names.
  • Journals require the name of the publisher.
    • Please include only journals with __~ 75% or more content__ about network analysis.
    • Please mention if the journal is gated or not.
  • Language is required if the resource is not in English.
    • Additions in all languages are welcome.
    • Consider translating titles into English.
  • Review Articles require a journal and date indication.
  • Software should be at least free for noncommercial use (only few exceptions will be granted).
    • R: consider citing the stable CRAN version when it exists.
    • Python: consider citing the PyPi version when it exists.