Geoms to plot networks with ggplot2
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This package allows to pass network objects to ggplot2, along with several geometries to plot their elements.

Install from CRAN, or from GitHub with devtools:

# stable

# dev

IMPORTANT: the ggnetwork package depends on ggplot2 version 2.0.0 or above.

The package vignette contains detailed examples of how to use its fortify method and each of its geometries.

For further examples that use ggnetwork with other packages to produce animated graphs, see James Curley's slides on “Interactive and Dynamic Network Visualization in R.”

Comments and suggestions are very welcome: please file them as issues.

See also the geomnet, ggnet and ggraph packages for related work.

Thanks to Michał Bojanowski, Heike Hofmann, Pedro Jordano, Moritz Marbach, Tyler Rinker, Bertrand Sudre, Samantha C. Tyner, and two anonymous R Journal reviewers.