Bill cosponsorship networks in the South Korean Parliament.
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This repository creates bill cosponsorship networks for the National Assembly of South Korea, using data from Politics in Korea by Team Popong. The code mimicks the code used for the parlnet project, which builds legislative cosponsorship networks for European countries.

Static plots of the networks are viewable on that page.


Replicate by running make.r in R after checking the dependencies at the top of the script:

  • 01-data.r will download information on bills and sponsors
  • 02-build.r will build, weight and plot the networks

The data range back to 1950, and there are simply too many political parties in South Korea to map them to colours; instead, the code assigns a color from ColorBrewer's Set3 to all parties with 5 or more members, and colours all other parties in light grey, or dark grey for independents.

The sponsors data that are downloaded are much richer than the information reflected in the graphs (and include, for instance, electoral candidacy statuses in all competed elections).