Bill cosponsorship networks in the Romanian Parliament.
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This repository contains code to build cosponsorship networks from bills passed in the lower and upper chambers of the Romanian Parliament.


Replicate by running make.r in R.

The build.r script then assembles the edge lists and plots the networks, with the help of a few routines coded into functions.r. Adjust the plot, gexf and mode parameters to skip the plots or to change the node placement algorithm.



  • page -- the index page from which the bill was scraped
  • url -- bill URL
  • ref -- reference of the form "L1/03.02.2009" (includes the full date for most bills)
  • name -- short title
  • status -- when the bill passed, the reference of the law
  • authors -- bill sponsor
  • n_au -- total number of sponsors


The sponsors data has one row per sponsor-legislature.

  • legislature -- legislature of activity
  • url -- profile URL
  • name -- sponsor name
  • sex -- gender (F/M), imputed from birth information ("aleasă")
  • born -- year of birth
  • party -- political party, abbreviated
  • party_dummy -- dummy indicating the presence of multiple party affiliations
  • mdts_ca -- number of mandates in the lower chamber
  • mdts_se -- number of mandates in the upper chamber
  • nyears -- number of past mandates in the same chamber
  • constituency -- constituency, as the string to its Wikipedia English entry
  • photo -- photo, as a local filename
  • type -- either "Deputat" or "Senator"