An introductory statistics course for social scientists, using Stata
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This repository contains the Statistical Reasoning and Quantitative Methods (SRQM) course taught at Sciences Po by François Briatte (2010-2018) and Ivaylo Petev (2010-2013).

The course requires a working copy of Stata. Instructions to set up your computer for the course are provided in the introduction of the course handbook. Additional material is distributed in class through Google Docs.

If you are reading this online on GitHub, please feel free to report issues or ask for enhancements. Feedback on running the course with Stata 13+ is particularly welcome, as is feedback on running the course with older versions of Stata.

Students – please check with your instructor as soon as possible if you have any questions or are having difficulties with the course setup, which will be explained extensively in class. Welcome to the course, and see you soon!


For additional information on the files in each folder, see the wiki pages:


This is version 0.6.0 (Fall 2018) of the course.


Thanks to all instructors who have run their own forks of the course, including Joël Gombin, Filip Kostelka, Antonin de Laever, Antoine Marsaudon, Haley McAvay, Pavlos Vasilopoulos, and many, many others.