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An introductory statistics course using Stata for the social sciences.
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This repository contains the Statistical Reasoning and Quantitative Methods (SRQM) course taught at Sciences Po from 2010 to 2013 by François Briatte and Ivaylo Petev. Joël Gombin, Filip Kostelka and Antonin de Laever are also running their own forks.

The course requires a working copy of Stata. Instructions to set up your computer for the course are provided in the introduction of the course handbook. Additional material is distributed in class through Google Docs.

If you are reading this online on GitHub, please feel free to report issues or ask for enhancements. Feedback on running the course in Stata 13 is particularly welcome.

Students – please check with your instructor as soon as possible if you have any questions or are having difficulties with the course setup, which will be explained extensively in class. Welcome to the course, and talk to you soon!


  • The course folder contains draft teaching material.
  • The code folder contains the replication code.
  • The setup folder contains the course utilities.
  • The data folder contains the teaching datasets:
Filename Data Year(s)
ess0810 European Social Survey Rounds 4-5 (2008-2010)
gss0012 General Social Survey 2000-2012
nhis9711 National Health Interview Survey 1997-2011
qog2013 Quality of Government 2009 ± 3 years
wvs2000 World Values Survey Wave 4 (2000)

Note -- the zipped versions of the datasets available in this repository are those used in class. They are teaching versions that contain only a selection of variables, based on a missing value threshold. Please refer to the original sources for the full versions and for additional waves collected in more recent years.


  • 4.8: bugfixes in stab and Sciences Po computer patch.
  • 4.7: code compatibility with all flavours of Stata 11, 12 and 13.
  • 4.6: updated ESS, GSS and QOG datasets (Winter 2015).
  • 4.5: patches for new Sciences Po computer setups (Fall 2013).
  • 4.4: correct ESS design weights for Israel; cleaner repo.
  • 4.3: updated NHIS, QOG and ESS datasets.
  • 4.2: dedicated FTP server for additional teaching material.
  • 4.1: better workaround for admin restrictions.
  • 4.0: reworked srqm course utilities (Spring 2013).
  • 3.0: reworked srqm utilities (Spring 2012).
  • 2.0: reworked srqm utilities (Fall 2012).
  • 1.0: first release (Spring 2011).
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