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* What: SRQM profile
* Who: F. Briatte and I. Petev
* When: 2012-04-20
// Use this do-file to set up Stata for the duration of the course.
// Stata reads silently through this file at startup, so as long as
// you set the command below properly, the replication material for
// this course should run without producing any errors.
// Edit this command to reflect your local path to the SRQM folder:
cap cd "~/Documents/Teaching/SRQM"
// If you are running from a USB key at Sciences Po, this might detect it:
if _rc != 0 {
di as err "Failed setting the working directory."
di as err "Trying to load from a USB key..." _n
// working directory
cap cd "e:\SRQM"
if _rc != 0 global wd "Failed to find the e:\SRQM folder."
// for package installs
cap sysdir set PLUS "c:\temp"
if _rc != 0 di as err "Failed to allow package installs."
// The rest of the file will show some information when Stata starts, and will
// create the srqm program, a setup utility for the course that will install a
// few additional packages to Stata. Some of these packages are used in course
// do-files. Type in 'srqm' to get the program commands and options.
* SRQM working directory check.
if "$wd" != "" {
di as err "$wd" _n
di as err "Please run through the installation described in the README of your SRQM folder."
di as err "Ask us for assistance if you need any."
exit -1
else {
noi di as inp _n "Welcome. You are running Stata with the SRQM profile."
noi di as inp _n "Working directory:"
noi pwd
noi ls, w
* SRQM folders check.
foreach f in "Datasets" "Replication" {
noi di as inp _n "`f'" " folder:"
cap cd "`f'"
if _rc != 0 {
di as err "Stata cannot find the " "`f'" " folder, which breaks paths in SRQM do-files."
di as err "Please adjust the folder names or reinstall the original SRQM Teaching Pack."
exit -1
noi pwd
if "`f'" == "Datasets" noi ls *.dta, w
if "`f'" == "Replication" noi ls *.do, w
cd ..
* Run this script when the course starts to setup Stata. You must be online to
* execute the script in full, and you must have properly installed Stata on your
* computer first.
* To run the script, type one of the commands below:
* srqm setup (to make a few permanent settings and install a few packages)
* srqm check (to run some routine checks on your system and package files)
* Add 'verbose' after any command to produce more detailed output.
* The 'check' command also accepts 'offline' or 'online' to run all do-files.
cap pr drop srqm
program srqm
* Cleanup.
clear *
cap log close _all
local verbose = ("`2'" == "verbose")
local updates = ("`2'" == "updates")
if "`1'" == "setup" | "`1'" == "check" {
* Log.
qui log using `1'.log, name(SRQM) replace
di as inp "Running SRQM in " `"`1'"' " mode on Stata " c(stata_version)
else {
* Error.
di as err "Please specify an option:"
di as inp " srqm setup" as txt " (to setup stuff)"
di as inp " srqm check" as txt " (to check stuff)" _n
di as txt "For extra geeky results:"
di as txt " - add " as inp "verbose" as txt " to produce tons of additional output"
di as txt " - add " as inp "updates" as txt " to try out every single Stata update"
di as txt _n "Bye, and see you soon!"
exit 198
* System.
di as inp _n "Looking at system settings..."
if "`1'" == "setup" {
* Memory.
if c(version) < 12 {
cap set mem 500m, perm
if _rc==0 memory
if _rc!=0 di as err "Failed to set memory to 500M."
* Screen breaks.
cap set more off, perm
* Maximum variables.
cap set maxvar 5000, perm
* Scroll buffer.
cap set scrollbufsize 500000
* Verbose option: add basic system information.
if `verbose' macro dir
else if `verbose' {
creturn li
else {
* Packages
di as inp _n "Looking at packages..."
if "`1'" == "setup" & "`2'" != "test" {
local variables = "lookfor_all fre revrs univar extremes"
local graphs = "catplot ciplot spineplot tabplot"
local exports = "log2do2 tabout"
local regression = "estout leanout outreg outreg2 clarify"
local i=0
foreach t in variables graphs exports regression {
local i=`i'+1
di as inp "[" "`i'" "/4] Installing selected packages to handle " "`t'" "..."
foreach p of local `t' {
cap noi ssc install `p', replace
if `verbose' ado de `p'
else if `verbose' {
ado de
else {
ado dir
if "`1'" == "check" {
clear all
if "`2'" == "offline" global path "Replication"
if "`2'" == "online" global path ""
if "$path" != "" {
di as inp _n "Running all do-files..."
forvalues y=5/12 {
do $path/week`y'.do
graph drop _all
* Updates
if `updates' {
di as inp _n "Trying software updates..."
di as inp _n "Updating packages..."
cap noi adoupdate, update all ssconly
di as inp _n "Updating Stata..."
cap noi update query
di as inp _n "The log for this " `"`1'"' " operation is stored at:"
qui log query SRQM
di as res r(filename)
if "`1'" == "check" {
di as err _n "Please email this log to your instructor(s) if you need"
di as err "further assistance with your Stata installation."
di as inp _n "Done!"
di as inp "Have a nice day."
qui log close SRQM
// This does not work.
if ((r(inst_exe) < r(avbl_exe)) | (r(inst_ado) < r(avbl_ado))) update all
* What is science?
* A Stata program by Rudolf Carnap, with assistance from the Vienna Circle.
* Do not send bugs to the developer, as the program has been abandoned.
cap pr drop science
program science
di as txt _n " Science is a system of statements"
di as txt " based on direct experience"
di as txt " and controlled by experimental verification."
di as txt _n " -- Rudolf Carnap" _n
* Permanent log.
* This will create a permanent log of the current session in the Replication
* folder. Quitting Stata will automatically close it. This log is an additional
* safety that should not keep you from logging sessions to separate log files.
cap log using "Replication/perm.log", name("permalog") replace
if _rc==0 noi di as inp _n "Permanent log:" _n as res r(filename)
if _rc!=0 noi di as err _n "Permanent log returned an error."
if _rc==604 noi di as res _n "Permanent log already open. Carry on."
// All set.
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