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6 Replication/
@@ -6,12 +6,6 @@
* Survey: European Social Survey, Round 4 (2008)
* Sample: N = 28,178
-* Hypotheses:
-* (H1) Females will support gender equality significantly more than males.
-* (H2) Gender equality significantly increases from one age group to another.
-* (H3) Socio-economic status will predict attitudes of both sexes.
-* (H4) For both males and females, education will be the strongest predictor.
* Note: like previous drafts, this do-file can be used to template your own. As
* the last draft is also your final paper, this is the stage where you need to
* make definite choices about your code, remove all errors and make sure that
@@ -62,9 +62,9 @@ program srqm
// execute the script in full, and you must have properly installed Stata on your
// computer first.
- local variables = "extremes fre lookfor_all revrs univar"
+ local variables = "extremes fre kountry lookfor_all revrs univar"
local graphs = "catplot ciplot spineplot tab_chi tabplot"
- local exports = "log2do2 mkcorr tabout"
+ local exports = "log2do2 logout mkcorr tabout"
local regression = "estout leanout outreg outreg2"
cap log close _all // interrupt logs
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