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The following teaching datasets are included in this repository, in zipped Stata .dta format:

Filename Dataset Year(s)
ess0810 European Social Survey (ESS) Rounds 4-5, c. 2008-9 and 2010-11
gss0014 General Social Survey (GSS) 2000-2014
nhis9711 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) 1997-2011
qog2016 Quality of Government (QOG) 2012 ± approx. 3 years
wvs2000 World Values Survey (WVS) Wave 4, 1999-2004
  • The QOG dataset compiles variables from several high-quality country-level datasets.
  • All other datasets are single-country or cross-country individual-level surveys.
  • The NHIS dataset is "for class only" – it should not be used for student research projects.
  • All datasets are provided in .dta-format 113 and should therefore be readable with Stata 8+.

Important notes

  • The zipped versions of the datasets available in this repository are those used in class. They are teaching versions that contain only a selection of the original variables, based on arbitrary missing values thresholds. Please refer to the original sources for the full versions and for additional waves collected in more recent years.

  • Please also make to cite the datasets appropriately. Citation templates can be found in the technical documentation of the datasets, most often in their codebooks, from which you should read selectively but extensively, in order to understand the definitions, sampling frames and decisions (both technical and substantive) adopted by the authors of the datasets.

Sample citation for wvs2000:

Inglehart, R., C. Haerpfer, A. Moreno, C. Welzel, K. Kizilova, J. Diez-Medrano, M. Lagos, P. Norris, E. Ponarin & B. Puranen et al. (eds.). 2014. World Values Survey: Round Four - Country-Pooled Datafile Version: Madrid: JD Systems Institute.

Additional data sources

My Quantitative Social Science Data page has links to other sources that you might find useful.

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