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Welcome to the CPANHQ wiki!

CPANHQ aims to be a community-driven, meta-data-enhanced alternative to such sites as and . Currently, the functionality is very basic, but we have great ambitions.

Some of the current and future features are:

  1. Pages for authors, distributions, releases.
  2. User accounts for logging in.
  3. A feed of recent releases.
  4. Extracting the following meta-data from the module:
    1. Licence.
    2. Version control repository.
    3. Mailing list.
    4. Homepage.
    5. Keywords/labels/tags.
      • User-contributed labels/tags.
  5. Blogs, Comments (?)
  6. Screenshots / Screencasts / etc.(?)
  7. JavaScript/AJAX goodness – sortable tables, AJAX, tabs, Dynamic HTML, etc.
  8. Search.
  9. Support for
  10. ּRatings.
  11. Wiki pages.
  12. chatterboxes for every distribution. (?)


  1. if you plan to use “meta data”, then maybe look at RDF or Topic Maps


  • irc:// – our IRC channel.
  • – the main repository.
  • – shlomif’s copy which tends to be more up-to-date.
  • – bugs / requests / issues tracker
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