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Brice Morin's website

Powered and Inspired by Jekyll, provided under the MIT license

If you are a researcher interested in a GitHub-based wiki to keep track of your publications, projects and prototypes, fell free to fork this project and modify it as you wish. Since I intensively rely on Jekyll and on material available on their GitHub repository, all the material available on this repository is available under the MIT license (see link above), except:

  • the content of the _posts folder, which basically contains the inputs to generate the website, and
  • all the html files, which you could however reuse after you remove all the Brice Morin-related content. In particular, make sure you modify /index.html, /_includes/paper.html (the links to my profiles on Google Scholar, etc) and /_includes/footer.html (it would however be nice to keep the mentions to Jekyll, and GitHub (if you host your pages there)). All the rest should be pretty much generated from _posts, but make sure you browse all these html files.
  • params.json, which contains information specific to my website, which you could re-generate using GitHub pages wizard
  • the content of the img folder, which belongs to GitHub and could be reused following the GitHug Logos and Usage terms, or to the Open Source Initiative and could be reused following the Logo usage guidelines

Brice Morin.


Brice Morin's website



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