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The PicoLeaflet plugin, for Pico CMS, lets you add interactive maps, using the Leaflet JavaScript API, to your pages.

You can see it live on


/!\ No matter the way you install the plugin, it's mandatory you name the plugin folder PicoLeaflet.

Using GIT

Just move to your Pico CMS plugins directory and run:

$ git clone

and jump to the Configuration section below.


Download the latest zip archive from Github and unzip it inside the plugins/PicoLeaflet/ folder.


Parameters for the PicoLeaflet plugin can be inserted into the config/config.yml file or put in a specific .yml file inside the config folder.

PicoLeaflet.enabled: true
  # Fullscreen button : true | false
  # Default / If unset or commented : false
  fullscreen: true
  # Map layers : OSM, OSM BW, OSM France, Toner, Toner Lite, Watercolor 
  # Default / If unset or commented : OSM (OpenStreetMap)
  # Be careful : you have to use ' | ' (space-pipe-space) as separator
  layers: OSM | Toner | Toner Lite | Watercolor | OSM BW | OSM France
  # On which template the global map is available ? 
  # Default / If unset or commented : map
  global_map_templates: index | map
  # Do you need to prefix the thumb path ?
  # Default / If unset or commented : '' (empty)
  thumb_path_prefix: ../../assets/



Everything happens inside your Markdown files header; for example, this page uses this one:

Title: Et sinon c’est la peine capitale ?
Date: 2018/03/23
Template: post
Tags: neige,ski,mont Dore,typographie,c'est capital!
Thumb: mont_dore_attention.jpg
Coordinates: 45.52029, 2.82071

Geocoding addresses

First, you have to run, inside your Pico's installation root folder, this command:

$ composer require geocoder-php/google-maps-provider php-http/guzzle6-adapter php-http/message

Then, you have to use the Address meta inside your Markdown headers; for example, this page uses this one:

Title: « Impasse de la jeunesse »
Description: Aux abords de la « place de l'Avenir ». Bienvenue à Boisseuil, en Charente-Maritime...
Date: 2018/03/23
Template: post
Tags: optimisme,choix judicieux,promesse
Thumb: boisseuil_impasse_jeunesse.jpg
Address: Impasse de la jeunesse 17700 Boisseuil


The PicoLeaflet plugin adds the pll_map Twig variable:

{{ pll_map }}

/!\ You have to add a CSS rule for your map height!

.pll_map { height: 480px; }
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