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jqModal Changes By Release

1.4.2 (2016.04.16 +r27)

  • restore parsing and assigning closeClass behavior in ajax loaded content
    • update examples/ajax.php to include a closeClass element
  • linting love

1.4.1 (2015.09.07 +r26)

  • remove legacy jquery.plugin.json
  • release on npm

1.4.0 (2015.08.16 +r25)

  • new convention: use 'e' for event, 'm' for modal element, 80 cols max.
  • preventDefault to cancel click behavior in trigger functions, thanks @ayyash
  • strict javascript linting, thanks @paladox
    • add travis-ci integration

1.3.0 (2015.04.15 +r24)

  • immediately show ajax modals

1.2.1 (2015.04.01 +r23)

  • fix: allow focus in active modals
  • improve example, include modal:true demo

1.2.0 (2015.02.26 +r22)

  • new: pass event to $.jqm.focusFunc
  • fix: pass active modal DOM object to $.jqm.focusFunc

1.1.0 (2014.07.03 +r21)

  • allow modification of a signle option with subsequent $.jqm() calls -- do not extend with default $.jqm.params.
  • simplify addTrigger method and ensure subsequent calls don't append additional click events to triggers.

1.0.3 (2014.07.02 +r20)

  • subsequent calls to $.jqm() extend options as expected - thanks @earbash
  • added ajax and option overriding to examples

1.0.2 (2014.04.10 +r19)

  • fixed registration / jQuery NoConflict - thanks @mitja-p

1.0.1 (2014.03.27 +r18)

  • strict mode fix - thanks @Piokaz

1.0.0 (2014.01.30 +r17)

  • focus function is now overridable via $.jqm.focusFunc
  • re-implement r14, r13 changes [fork rewrite was of previous version]

r16 2014.01.28

  • entirely rewritten; now human readable and compatible with latest jQuery versions (1.11.0, 2.1.0)
  • bumped minimum jQuery version requirement to 1.2.3 (for
  • removed automatic IE6 activeX/iframe bleed-through fixes
  • onShow callback is now responsible for displaying modal as well as overlay
  • onHide callback is now responsible for removing the overlay as well as modal
  • returning false in callbacks now halts behavior (e.g. stop the showing of a modal by returning false in onShow)
  • moved to github to improve maintenance and community development

r15 2013.08.04

r14 2009.03.01

  • smart detection of the triggering element. The event context is now always passed to $.jqmShow() and $.jqmHide(). Makes "live querying" modal triggers easier for some.

r13 2008.07.06

  • Minor code optimizations
  • Fixed potential exception in modal focus routine
  • Overlays of modal dialogs are no longer automatically styled with a "wait" cursor. Use CSS to control
  • Exposed overiding of default parameter values via the $.jqm.params global

r12 2008.06.22

  • Now dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses
  • Compatibility with jQuery 1.2.6
  • Removed zIndex parameter
  • Subsequent $.jqm calls now update configuration
  • AJAX target is now cleared before load
  • Added ajaxText parameter

r11 2007.08.17

  • added toTop argument to break z-Index container restraints (demo)
  • improved focus method tolerance
  • overlay now takes z-Index stacking order precedence

r10 2007.07.30

  • focus element re-calculated every modal click to prevent IE error
  • ie6 sets body width to 100%
  • Require fixed pushStack,$.browser.version -- jQuery MINIMUM!
  • compressible with a javascript packer
  • HTTPS/SSL served iFrame content will not throw warnings in IE

r9 2007.02.25, r8 2007.02.24

  • Updated CSS, Sync up.
  • Fixed IE crash when ajax loaded elements used as trigger(s)
  • IE6 - overlay now covers dialog only, allowing page interaction when overlay: 0

r7 2007.02.23

  • Added $.jqmShow, $.jqmHide to manually hide/show dialogs
  • Added $.jqmAddTrigger and $.jqmAddClose to bind show/hide to elements
  • Added onLoad callback (called after ajax return)
  • Added support for handling multiple dialogs @ once across ALL functions
  • Removed auto-fire parameter, replaced via $(e).jqm().jqmShow()
  • Removed $.jqmClose()
  • Removed "wrapClass" parameter, updated base CSS
  • CSS z-index value takes priority over "zIndex" parameter
  • Triggers can hide, show, or hide AND show jqModals
  • Overlays+IE6 iframe are now fixed positioned - support for ie6 quirks + standards mode
  • Internal Improvements, no event data