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* Explicit futures library.
* - Care must be take to only send thread-safe functions into this library.
* - Care must be taken to free the data structures passed into this library.
* - Caching of futures' values is left to the caller. A Futures is undefined
* once ls_value* is called on it.
#include <glib.h>
#include <time.h>
typedef gpointer (* lf_func)(gpointer udata);
typedef struct
lf_func func;
gpointer data;
gpointer result; /* will either point to NULL or the results. */
gboolean started;
gboolean finished;
gboolean lazy;
GThread * thread;
GError * error;
GMutex * mutex;
* Creates a Future.
* The result of the future is accessible via the lf_getfuture() call.
* This Future is not lazy.
Future * lf_future(lf_func func, gpointer data);
* Will block if the future has not terminated yet. (Could conceivably
* block indefinitely in case of a bad Future.)
* Essentially, `lf_value(lf_future(func, data));` is a synchronous call to func(data).
gpointer lf_value(Future * future);
* Will block if the future has not terminated yet.
* Handles errors.
gpointer lf_value_err(Future * future, GError * error);
* Lazy Future
* The Future returned will only be evaluated when lf_getfuture is called.
Future * lf_lazy_future(lf_func func, gpointer data);
* Returns when one or more of the Futures in `futures` have finished.
* Times out after timeout.
int lf_select_futures(GList* futures, const struct timespec *timeout);