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Lisp Compiler and interpreter for Notch's DCPU16
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A lisp compiler for the DCPU16 processor, with a DCPU-16 assembly assembler, interpreter, emulator and disassembler.


Compiling beetle-lisp to DCPU-16 machine code: < \
    | > program.obj

Running the machine code on the emulator: < \
    | \

Running the assembly on the DCPU-16 beetle assembly interpreter: < \

Running a beetle-lisp program directly in the beetle interpreter (Beetle Lisp Interactive Console, 'BLIC'): <

Future expansion

Accept other languages above the toolchain.

< program.ext --ext \
    | --ext \
    | \
    | > program.obj


[future] Takes a program in an other language and tokenises it (token stream is long list of s-exprs)

[future] Turns a token stream into a valid beetle-lisp program.

Compiles valid beetle-lisp program into DCPU16 assembly from stdin to stdout

Assembles a valid DCPU (.dasm or .dasm16) program into binary from stdin to stdout

Takes a valid binary DCPU16 instruction stream and interprets it.

Takes a valid beetle assembly program on stdin and interprets it. Equivalent to |, but faster.

Beetle lisp interpreter. Takes a valid beetle lisp program on stdin and interprets in within the confines of a virtual DCPU-16. Equivalent to | |, but faster.

Note on emulation/interpretation:

The specifications for the screen/keyboard/removable memory/etc... are work in progress.


(defun my-add \[x y]
   (+ x y))
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