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The Python Imaging Library: The aggdraw Module
$Id: /work/modules/aggdraw/CHANGES 1180 2006-02-12T14:24:26.234348Z Fredrik $
*** Changes from release 1.1 to 1.2 ***
(1.2a3 released)
- Fixed crash when using type() or help() on aggdraw objects.
- Fixed crash in Path() constructor.
- Fixed some build issues under recent GCC versions. The compiler
still issues more warnings than it should; I'll have to fix that
in a future release.
(1.2a2 released)
- Changed 'expose' method to require keyword arguments. You can
use 'hwnd' to pass in a window handle, or 'hdc' to pass in a
device context:
- Added 'clear' method. By default, it fills the entire image to
the original background color. If you pass in a color name, it
uses the given color instead.
(1.2a1 released)
- Added experimental 'Dib' support (based on code from the Python
Imaging Library). The 'Dib' factory is similar to 'Draw', but
allows the drawing context to be copied to the display.
dib = Dib("RGB", size, background)
... draw ...
- Fixed a couple of gcc compiler nits.
*** Changes from release 1.0 to 1.1 ***
(1.1 released)
- Fixed rendering of symbols containing nested polygons (broken in
- Added 'coords' method to the Path type. This returns the current
path as a polyline. If the path consists of multiple path fragments,
the return value is undefined. (experimental)
(1.1b3 released)
- The Windows installer now uses Freetype 2.1.10. This seems to fix
the issue with irregular baselines reported for some fonts.
- Performance: changes to how and when drawing adapters are created,
and proper clipping in the rasterizer can result in massive speedups
for some applications.
- Added experimental 'setantialias' method to the drawing context.
Pass in 0 to disable antialiasing, 1 to enable it. Antialiasing
is enabled by default.
- Adjust the size of filled objects (including polygons) depending
on the pen width. If no pen is used, filled antialiased objects
are expanded by a half pixel, to avoid banding. If a pen is used,
the objects are shrunk by a half pen width. (experimental)
(1.1b2 released; internal release only)
- Fixed background color bug for non-RGBA images. The third
argument to the Draw constructor now works properly for all
- Fixed big resource leak in the Draw(im) constructor. The alternate
form (Draw(mode, size)) does not leak (reported by Håkan Karlsson).
- Added Path object. Path objects can be used instead of coordinates
with the 'line' and 'polygon' primitives. Path objects can also be
used as symbols.
(1.1b1 released)
- Use ImageColor.getrgb to resolve colors, if available.
(1.0 final released)