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Welcome to the Planner helpdocs!

What is Planner?

Planner is a Moodle activity plugin which aims to support students in preparing for assessment. It is a time management and organisation tool. It should be of particular use to students who need additional and/or explicit guidance and support in this regard.

For installation options, you can either:

Administrator specific instructions are here.

Teacher specific instructions are here.

Student specific instructions are here.

Planner works as follows:

  • Setup:
    • Teacher defines a template of steps which students should complete in preparing for an assessment, including the percentage of time each step should take.
    • Teacher associates a Planner with either a Moodle Assignment or Quiz, which has start dates and end dates set.
    • Teacher calculates the steps for the students.
  • Operation:
    • Planner works backwards from the assessment due date and calculates the dates by which students should aim to complete each of the steps.
    • Planner populates these steps in students' Moodle calendars.
  • Student use:
    • Students access Planner for information and guidance on each step, and can self-check when they have completed a step.
    • Students receive automatic email reminders if they miss a step.
    • Students can recalculate the steps for themselves if they know they will start preparing their assessment later than the defined start date.
  • Reporting:
    • Teachers can access a report of students who have self-checked their step completion.

Funding credits

This plugin was mostly funded through Ireland's Higher Education Authority (HEA) Fund for Students with Disabilities in 2021 and Student Success Fund in 2022. These were delivered via Student Support & Development at Dublin City University (DCU). The idea for this plugin arose with DCU Library, and was realised through a partnership with Student Support & Development, DCU Teaching Enhancement Unit and Brickfield Education Labs.

Version support

This plugin has been developed to work on Moodle releases 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3.


This plugin has been developed and is maintained by Brickfield Education Labs on behalf of DCU Teaching Enhancement Unit. Brickfield Education Lab is unable to provide support or respond to queries/feature requests for this plugin. If you wish to contribute funding to the ongoing development of features and / or maintenance of the plugin, please contact DCU Teaching Enhancement Unit with the subject line "Moodle Planner".


All documentation for this plugin will be maintained at the Brickfield planner helpdocs here.

Users are encouraged to browse shared Planner templates at MoodleNet, which they can copy and paste into their own templates on their own Moodle. Users are also encouraged to share any templates they create themselves.