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Bricolage Streaming Preprocessor

Bricolage Streaming Preprocessor service processes JSON data stream (S3 to S3).

This software is written in working time in Cookpad, Inc.

Development (Local)

Building Executable JAR file and running all tests:

% gradle build

To run the application, you must copy config/.example files to config/ and edit them. Execute:

% (cd db && bundle && ./ --merge)   # Migrates database schema
% java -jar build/libs/bricolage-streaming-preprocessor.jar

Building Docker Image

Copy following config files and edit it (DB host, port, user, password). All config files has the corresponding example file (*.example), just copy and edit it.

  • config.docker/streaming-preprocessor.yml
  • config.docker/application.yml (for Spring)
  • config.docker/logback.xml (for LogBack)
  • env.docker

Then build image:

% gradle build
% docker-compose build


% docker-compose -d up db    # Starts database in the background
% docker-compose up mig      # Migrates database schema and exits
% docker-compose up app      # Runs main application


bricolage-streaming-preprocessor task is defined by "operators". Each operator transforms a JSON record according to the opeartor definition (parameters). You can give operator definition via parameter table named preproc_definition. Following table is an example image of preproc_definition table.

id target_table target_column operator_id params
1 activity.pv_log user_id int {}
2 activity.pv_log url text {"maxByteLength":1000,createOverflowFlag:true}

Details of each operator follow.

text: Text Cleansing

Validates text values.

  • maxByteLength: Declared max byte length. Use with dropIfOverflow or createOverflowFlag.
  • dropIfOverflow: Drops this column if the text is longer than maxByteLength.
  • createOverflowFlag: Stores boolean overflow flag if the text is longer then maxByteLength.
  • pattern: Drops this column if the text does not matches this pattern (Java regex).

int, bigint: Integer Cleansing

Validates the value is an integer. String values are automatically converted to integers e.g. "82" -> 82. This operator also drops non-integer value.

  • No parameters.

unixtime: Unix Time to Timestamp Conversion

Converts Unix epoch time given by integers (1467954650) to the timestamp string ('2016-07-08T14:10:50+09:00').

  • zoneOffset: Target timezone, given by the string like '+09:00'.

delete: Unconditional column delete

Deletes specified column.

  • No parameters.

rename: Column rename

Renames specified column.

  • to: the column name which is renamed to.

timezone: Timezone Conversion

  • sourceOffset: Expected source data timezone, given by the string like '+00:00'.
  • targetOffset: Target timezone, given by the string like '+09:00'.

deletenulls: Deletes All Null Columns

Deletes all null columns e.g. {a: null, b: 1} -> {b: 1}. target_column must be '*'.

  • No Parameters.

aggregate: Aggregates Multiple Columns to One JSON String

Aggregates multiple target columns which have same prefix to one nested JSON column. e.g. {x:1,p_a:2,p_b:3} -> {x:1,p:{a:2,b:3}}

  • targetColumns: Target column names to aggreagate, given by the Java regex pattern (e.g. "^p_"). Note: matched string is removed from output column name.
  • aggregatedColumn: Aggregated, output column name.

collectrest: Aggregates Rest Columns to One JSON String

Aggregates rest columns except specified columns.

  • rejectColumns: Kept columns

reject: Reject Records Matched with Condition

Reject records matched with condition described in params.

type: string

  • value: If this value(string) and target_columns value are equal, the record will be rejected.

type: integer

  • value: If this value(integer) and target_columns value are equal, the record will be rejected.

type: null

If target_columns value is null, it will reject the record.

sequence: Add Sequence Number to Target Column

dup: Duplicate column

Duplicate the column specified in from param to target_column.

float: Floating-Point Number Cleansing

Similar to int or bigint, but this operator accepts floating-point numbers.


MIT license. See LICENSE file for details.


Minero Aoki

Release Note

version 1.9.0

  • Records unknown, incoming columns to strload_columns as "unknown" column type. Preprocessor just ignores "unknown" columns. In next version, preprocessor disables a stream which includes "unknown" columns.

version 1.8.0

  • Preflight now handles only preprocessing, it no longer generates .ct or .job files.

version 1.7.4

  • [new] date column processor accepts timestamp strings.

version 1.7.3

  • [new] timezone column processor accepts more timestamp formats: "2018-03-05T12:34:56+0700" (ISO instant variant), "2018-03-05 12:34:56+0700" (ruby date time variant)

version 1.7.2

  • [new] timezone column processor allows to keep source offset as-is

version 1.7.1

  • [new] Introduces stream columns and column-type-based cleansing. This function is enabled by strload_streams.column_initialized flag. This version requires DB schema change.

version 1.6.7

  • [fix] timezone op: support new timestamp format like "2018-02-07 12:34:56"

version 1.6.6

  • [fix] sequence op: Allocates the next sequence block when sequence op run out the first sequence block.

version 1.6.5

  • [fix] Catches more exceptions.

version 1.6.4

  • [fix] Catches and reports all exceptions thrown from event handlers.

version 1.6.3

  • [fix] Temporary file name was wrong.

version 1.6.2

  • refactoring only

version 1.6.1

  • [fix] Fixes critial configuration error.

version 1.6.0

  • [new] Adds "blackhole" routing.

version 1.5.x

  • Enhances preflight.