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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
=head1 Name - installation script to clone an existing mysql database
=head1 Description
This script is called during "make clone" to clone the Bricolage
=head1 Author
Sam Tregar <>
=head1 See Also
use strict;
use File::Spec::Functions;
print "\n\n==> Cloning Bricolage Database <==\n\n";
my $DB = do './database.db' or die "Failed to read database.db: $!\n";
# Make sure that we don't overwrite the existing Pg.sql.
chdir 'dist';
my $file = catfile qw( inst mysql.sql);
my @dbclone = (catfile($DB->{bin_dir}, 'mysqldump'));
push @dbclone, '-h', $DB->{host_name} if $DB->{host_name};
push @dbclone, '-P', $DB->{host_port} if $DB->{host_port};
push @dbclone, (
'-u', $DB->{root_user},
( $DB->{root_pass} ? "-p$DB->{root_pass}" : ()),
'-r', $file,
# dump out mysql database
system( @dbclone ) and die 'Error executing `' . join(' ', @dbclone), "`\n";
printf "\n\n==> Finished cloning Bricolage Database <==\n\n";
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