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Bricolage Ubuntu README
There are a few peculiarities that one faces when trying to install this on an
Ubuntu distro. This readme is intended to address workarounds for a few of
Please refer to README.Debian and INSTALL documents first for further
information on getting most of the Bricolage system installed.
While this should install ok, it fails the tests. If you are installing your
perl modules from CPAN then doing this should work: force install
Apache Service Location
Under normal circumstances this would be /usr/sbin/httpd, but on the Ubuntu
system it should be /usr/sbin/apache(-perl). (As of Intrepid Ibex, at least,
only Apache 2 is supported, so this is /usr/sbin/apache2.) This will arise
when you try to install Bricolage as one of the questions.
Postgres Setup
You will need to configure the postgres installation from the default
- As root you need to edit the file /etc/postgresql/pg_hba.conf
- Near the bottom looks for the line that resembles "local all all ident
- Change the "ident sameuser" -> "trust"