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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
=head1 NAME - installation script to give the user some final instructions
=head1 VERSION
=head1 DATE
This script is called at the end of "make install" to give the user some
final instructions.
=head1 AUTHOR
Sam Tregar <>
=head1 SEE ALSO
use strict;
use File::Spec::Functions qw(:ALL);
# read in user config settings
our $CONFIG;
do "./config.db" or die "Failed to read config.db : $!";
our $AP;
do "./apache.db" or die "Failed to read apache.db : $!";
my $url = "http://$AP->{server_name}" .
($AP->{port} == 80 ? "" : ":$AP->{port}");
my $ctl = "bric_apachectl";
$ctl = catfile($CONFIG->{BIN_DIR}, $ctl)
unless grep { $_ eq $CONFIG->{BIN_DIR} } path();
unless $CONFIG->{BRICOLAGE_ROOT} eq '/usr/local/bricolage';
my $error_log = catfile($CONFIG->{LOG_DIR}, "error_log");
print <<END;
Bricolage Installation Complete
You may now start your Bricolage server with the command (as root):
$ctl start
If this command fails, look in your error log for more information:
Once your server is started, open a web browser and enter the URL for
your server:
Login in as "admin" with the default password "change me now!". Your
first action should be changing this password. Click "Logged in as
Bricolage Administrator" in the top right corder of the browser window
and change the password.
exit 0;
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