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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
=head1 Name - installation script to probe PostgreSQL configuration
=head1 Description
This script is called during "make" to probe the PostgreSQL
configuration. It accomplishes this by parsing the output from
pg_config and asking the user questions. Output collected in
=head1 Author
Sam Tregar <>
=head1 See Also
use strict;
use FindBin;
use lib "$FindBin::Bin/lib";
use Bric::Inst qw(:all);
use File::Spec::Functions;
use Data::Dumper;
# check whether questions should be asked
my $QUIET = ($ARGV[0] and $ARGV[0] eq 'QUIET') || $ENV{DEVELOPER};
print "\n\n==> Probing PostgreSQL Configuration <==\n\n";
our %DB;
my $passwordsize = 10;
my @alphanumeric = ('a'..'z', 'A'..'Z', 0..9);
my $randpassword = join '', map $alphanumeric[rand @alphanumeric], 0..$passwordsize;
our $REQ;
do "./required.db" or die "Failed to read required.db : $!";
# setup some defaults
$DB{db_type} = $REQ->{DB_TYPE};
$DB{root_user} = get_default('PG_SUPERUSER') || 'postgres';
$DB{root_pass} = $ENV{PG_SUPERPASS} || get_default( 'PG_SUPERPASS') || '';
$DB{sys_user} = get_default('PG_BRICUSER') || 'bric';
$DB{sys_pass} = $QUIET ? $randpassword : 'NONE';
$DB{db_name} = get_default('PG_DB') || 'bric';
$DB{host_name} = $ENV{PG_HOSTNAME} || get_default('PG_HOSTNAME') || '';
$DB{host_port} = $ENV{PG_HOSTPASS} || get_default('PG_HOSTPASS') || '';
$DB{version} = '';
# all done, dump out postgresql database, announce success and exit
open(OUT, ">database.db") or die "Unable to open database.db : $!";
print OUT Data::Dumper->Dump([\%DB],['DB']);
close OUT;
print "\n\n==> Finished Probing PostgreSQL Configuration <==\n\n";
exit 0;
sub get_include_dir {
print "Extracting postgres include dir from $REQ->{PG_CONFIG}.\n";
my $data = `$REQ->{PG_CONFIG} --includedir`;
hard_fail("Unable to extract needed data from $REQ->{PG_CONFIG}.")
unless $data;
$DB{include_dir} = $data;
sub get_lib_dir {
print "Extracting postgres lib dir from $REQ->{PG_CONFIG}.\n";
my $data = `$REQ->{PG_CONFIG} --libdir`;
hard_fail("Unable to extract needed data from $REQ->{PG_CONFIG}.")
unless $data;
$DB{lib_dir} = $data;
sub get_bin_dir {
print "Extracting postgres bin dir from $REQ->{PG_CONFIG}.\n";
my $data = `$REQ->{PG_CONFIG} --bindir`;
hard_fail("Unable to extract needed data from $REQ->{PG_CONFIG}.")
unless $data;
$DB{bin_dir} = $data;
sub get_psql {
print "Finding psql.\n";
my $psql = catfile($DB{bin_dir}, 'psql');
hard_fail("Unable to locate psql executable.")
unless -e $psql and -x $psql;
$DB{exec} = $psql;
sub get_version {
print "Finding PostgreSQL version.\n";
my $data = `$REQ->{PG_CONFIG} --version`;
hard_fail("Unable to extract needed data from $REQ->{PG_CONFIG}.")
unless $data;
chomp $data;
$data =~ s/\s*PostgreSQL\s+(\d\.\d(\.\d)?).*/$1/;
$DB{version} = $data;
# ask the user for user settings
sub get_users {
print "\n";
$DB{create_db} = ask_yesno(
'Should the installer connect to the database as a super user?',
get_default('CREATE_DB') || 1,
if ($DB{create_db}) {
print "\n";
ask_confirm('Postgres Super Username', \$DB{root_user}, $QUIET);
ask_password(qq{Password for super user "$DB{root_user}"}, \$DB{root_pass}, $QUIET);
unless ($DB{host_name}) {
print "\n";
print "Should the installer become the Postgres system user?\n";
if ( ask_yesno(
'This requires that the installer be run as root.',
get_default('PG_BECOME_USER') || 0,
)) {
$DB{system_user} = $DB{root_user};
while(1) {
ask_confirm('Postgres System Username', \$DB{system_user}, $QUIET);
$DB{system_user_uid} = (getpwnam($DB{system_user}))[2];
last if defined $DB{system_user_uid};
print "User \"$DB{system_user}\" not found! This user must exist ".
"on your system.\n";
while(1) {
ask_confirm("Bricolage Postgres Username", \$DB{sys_user}, $QUIET);
if ($DB{sys_user} eq $DB{root_user}) {
print "Bricolage Postgres User cannot be the same as the Postgres Root User.\n";
} else {
ask_password(qq{Password for Postgres user "$DB{sys_user}"}, \$DB{sys_pass}, $QUIET);
ask_confirm("Bricolage Database Name", \$DB{db_name}, $QUIET);
# ask for host specifics
sub get_host {
print "\n";
"Postgres Database Server Hostname (default is unset, i.e., localhost)",
"Postgres Database Server Port Number (default is unset, i.e., 5432)",
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