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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
=head1 Name - script to create init scripts for the database sql files found
in sql directory depending in directory name
=head1 Description
This script is called during "make dist" to create the database init scripts
depending on the leading directory within sql (ex: sql/Pg will create inst/Pg.sql)
=head1 Author
Andrei Arsu <>
=head1 See Also
use strict;
my @rdbmss = map { s{^sql/}{}; $_ } grep { $_ !~ /[.]svn/ } @ARGV;
for my $rdbms (@rdbmss) {
for my $type qw(sql val con) {
my $dir = $type eq 'sql' ? '>' : '>>';
system (
"grep -vh '^--' `find sql/$rdbms -name '*.$type' | env "
. "LANG= LANGUAGE= LC_ALL=POSIX sort` $dir inst/$rdbms.sql"
) and die "Errror concatenating *.$type files in sql/$rdbms into inst/$rdbms.sql";
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