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                       Bricolage Content Management System

                                 Version 1.4.6

Bricolage is a full-featured, enterprise-class content management system. It
offers a browser-based interface for ease-of use, a full-fledged templating
system with complete programming language support for flexibility, and many
other features. It operates in an Apache/mod_perl environment, and uses the
PostgreSQL RDBMS for its repository.


Before installing Bricolage, be sure to read the platform-specific README file
relevant to your operating system, if there is one.

For installation instructions, see INSTALL. Once Bricolage has been installed,
this file will also be available via the Bric::Admin man page.

For copying information, see License. Once Bricolage has been installed, this
file will also be available via the Bric::License man page.

For the latest news, see Changes. Once Bricolage has been installed, this file
will also be available via the Bric::Changes man page.


After you've installed Bricolage, the complete API documentation will be
available as man pages. It is also available on the Bricolage site, at Here are a few entry points to get you

For installation and system administration, see:


To get started using Bricolage see:


To learn how to use the Bricolage templating systems, see:


If you'd like to contribute to Bricolage, see:



* With Internet Explorer on Mac OS and Mac OS X, and with Netscape Navigator
4.7x on Windows 95, long Bricolage pages may not render completely. This issue
will be corrected in the next major release of Bricolage, but until then, the
workaround is to use different browsers on those platforms -- Mozilla seems to
work great on all platforms.

* Users who have been given the rights, via membership, to edit groups and/or
users effectively have complete access to the system. This is because they can
add themselves to any group they want, including "Global Admins." Solving this
problem is harder than it looks, due to the Bricolage permissions architecture
design. The solution is to give only those you trust to have "Global Admin"
access permission to edit users and/or groups. Complete details are available
via the Bugzilla bug report at


--The Bricolage Team
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