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Bricolage Solaris README
Here are a few notes to help you successfully install Bricolage on Solaris:
- Make sure you have the newest Recommended and Security Patches from Sun
- Ensure the following packages are installed from sunfreeware:
- Make sure you add /usr/local/lib (or whever you installed gdbm, db, etc.) to
your LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting before doing ANYTHING.
- Some of the required modules won't simply install using or `make
cpan.` Likly offenders are DB_File and libapreq. Install these manually
first, and then `make cpan` or `perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::Bricolage'`.
- Using DB_File with Berkeley DB is a pain. To make it work create symlinks
/usr/local/Berkeley.../include/db.h in /usr/include
/usr/local/Berkeley.../lib/libdb.a in /usr/local/lib
There's probably another way to do this. Copying the files also works, but
setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH and various LIB settings doesn't seem to work.
On the other hand, DB_File will probably work fine on its own without
Berkeley DB.
- When compiling mod_perl & apache, make sure that /usr/ccs/bin is in your
PATH, and perhaps ahead of /usr/local/bin. If not, Apache will compile, but
you'll never get it to start the httpd daemon.
- When compiling Bricolage, you may need to remove /usr/ccs/bin from the PATH.
- Have lots of caffeine on hand!
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