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Added an ID to the BODY tag to make it easier to write user stylesheets.

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1 parent df1a683 commit fc09cc2ecf17c1879d574fe7266a0a5a7d543804 Marshall Roch committed Jun 22, 2006
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@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ if ( != 'Bricolage_<% SERVER_WINDOW_NAME %>' && != 'sideN
% } # if
+<body id="bricolage_<% SERVER_WINDOW_NAME %>">
<h1><% $lang->maketext("Warning! Bricolage is designed to run with JavaScript enabled.") %></h1>
<p><% $lang->maketext('Using Bricolage without JavaScript can result in corrupt data and system instability. Please activate JavaScript in your browser before continuing.') %></p>
@@ -128,6 +128,14 @@ Object select lists (such as for story element types when creating a new
story) will now display as scrolling lists if there are more than 50 items in
the list, rather than 20 or more items. [David]
+=item *
+Added a CSS ID to the C<< <body> >> tag in the UI, of the form
+"bricolage_C<VHOST_SERVER_NAME>", where C<VHOST_SERVER_NAME> is the value
+defined in F<bricolage.conf>. Use this ID when writing user stylesheets
+to override the look of the Bricolage UI (see SkinningBricolage in the Wiki)
=head2 Bug Fixes

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