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The file 'bricolage' adds bash tab-completion to bric_soap.
That means you can type (<TAB> means hit the tab key)

  $ bric_soap w<TAB>

and it will expand to

  $ bric_soap workflow 

and it makes suggestions, like

  $ bric_soap workflow <TAB>
  checkin    create     deploy     list_ids   publish
  checkout   delete     export     move       update
  $ bric_soap workflow 

which are context sensitive

  $ bric_soap category --search <TAB>
  active=     directory=  name=       parent=     path=       site=       uri=

To use it, either:
1) source it directly (. bricolage)
2) add it to /etc/bash_completion
3) copy it to /etc/bash_completion.d/ ($BASH_COMPLETION_DIR)

If you have ideas for improvement, send them either to
the bricolage-devel mailing list or to

Scott Lanning <>
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